Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman, activist and co-founder of the Yippies5/1/1970
Agent Michael J. CostelloAgent Michael J. Costello, Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs1970
Al KooperMusician, songwriter, producer 1970
Allen Ginsburg & Yogi Bhagavan Das Play "offerings" of music and poetry to New York1/1/1972
Alvin LeeLeader of "Ten Years Later" 1969
Andy Warhol & Paul MorrisseyArtist, filmmaker and pop art movement leader11/28/1969
Arlo GuthrieAmerican singer songwriter9/1/1969
Artie KornfeldVP at Capital Recordscame up with idea of Woodstock with best friend Michael Lang2/1/1970
Backstage at the Fillmore Backstage at the Fillmore with Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Yoko Blues Jam 8/1/1971
Barney RossettPublisher, 1st Amendment Activist -1969
Beatlemaniac Dave MorrellDave Morrell, No. 1 fan. 1969
Bertram FitzgeraldPresident, Fitzgerald Publishing. The Golden Legacy magazine. Publishes Black history comic book/magazines. 1969
Bill GrahamConcert Promoter - Fillmore East, Fillmore West
Carol KingAmerican singer songwriter1969
Construction WorkersWoody  Anderson, John Picol and Bob Montero. "3 Hardhats" - 5/1/1972
Country Joe McDonaldAmerican singer songwriter of Country Joe and the Fish4/25/1971
DA PennebakerDA Pennebaker, along with Richard Drew, Richard Leacock and Albert Maysles, pioneered cinema verite filmmaking technique 1969
David AmramDavid Amram was at the center of New York’s Beat scene’s 2/1/1969
Dennis HopperAmerican actor and prominent counterculture figure9/22/1971
Dick CavettTalk show host3/22/1970
Dick GregoryAmerican comedian and actor and political activist
Dick Gregory 2American comedian and actor and political activist
Do It Now, addiction support groupDirector of the (Los Angeles) Do It Now Foundation - 1970
Donovan Press ConferenceScottish Musician and songwriter10/14/1969
Doug KershawKnown as "Louisiana Man" - Cajun Fiddle Player6/1/1969
Dr Charles Winnick - The Professor of ProstitutionDr Winnick, Prof. of Sociology, CUNY. Author, "The Lively Commerce:Prostitution in the US" - 1971
Dr. Edward De BonoAuthor, "New Think"1969
Dr. Irwin FeinbergEarly pioneer studying brain wave patterns during sleep, 1970
Dr. JohnAmerican singer songrwriter1970
Dustin HoffmanAmerican actor12/18/1970
Ed PressmanFilm Producer, "Out of It"1970
Elliot MazerMusic producer and musician1969
Eric ClaptonEric Clapton and his new band Derek and the Dominos10/24/1970
Felix CavaliereMusician singer songwriter - The Young Rascals2/20/1969
Frank ZappaMusician, songwriter - The Mothers of Invention6/6/1971
Gary UsherGary Usher, Vice Pres. RCA - In Charge of Hard Rock, RCA Victor, songwriter, producer 
George HarrisonTwo weeks previously, Paul McCartney announced the official break up of the Beatles. 3/1/1969
Hal AbramsonHal Abramson, owner of the property and promoter of the event  Festival in Churubasco1970
Harry RichardsonCo director of the Do It Now Foundation of Los Angeles - stay away from amphetamines
Herb StuppHerb Stupp, Vice Chairman, Young Americans for Freedom, a William F. Buckley conservative creation, Republican1970
William J. EganHead of the Westchester branch of the Honor America Committee1971
Hugh HefnerFounder, Playboy Magazine1970
Interviewing the StonesHoward Smith - Being interviewed about his experience interviewing the Rolling Stones1970
Jack NewfieldJournalist, Village Voice Author of biography of Robert F. Kennedy.1969
Jack NicholsonAmerican writer, producer and Hollywood actor6/6/1971
Jack ValentiHead of the Hollywood studios’ private lobbying group, the MPAA. 4/1/1969
Jacques LevySongwriter, theatrical director, "Oh! Calcutta!" 1969
James Rado and Gerome RagniJames Rado and Gerome Ragni, wrote the book and lyrics of the musical "Hair"

James TaylorAmerican singer songwriter and guitarist3/1/1970
Jane FondaAmerican actress and activist1969
Jane Fonda 2American actress and activistMarch 1971
Jane Fonda 3- on VietnamAmerican actress and activist1972
Jane Hitchcock15 year old Wilhelmina's model1969
Janis JoplinAmerican singer songwriter interviewed a few days before her death9/30/1970
Jerry GarciaAmerican singer songwriter and guitarist of The Grateful Dead 2/11/1970
Jerry RubinPolitical activist and one of the Chicago 7 co-defendants October 1971
Jerry SussiJerry Sussi, Executive Director of Earth Day April, 1970
Jerry WexlerJerry Wexler is Vice President of Atlantic Records with partners Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun11/26/1969
Jim FourattPolitical  gay rights activist  and leader of The Gay Liberation Front10/1/1969
Jim MorrisonAmerican musician and lead singer of The Doors11/6/1969
Joe CockerEnglish singer known for his dynamic stage performances11/21/1969
John HammondJohn Hammond, of Columbia records. 1969
John MayallEnglish blues and rock musician singer songwriter - John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers7/12/1969
John Roberts and Joel RosenmanJohn Roberts and Joel Rosenman, founders & backers of Woodstock business side of Woodstock. 1969
John SebastianFounder, The Lovin' Spoonful. Singer, songwriter1969
Jules Feiffer, CartoonistVillage Voice cartoonist1971
Kathleen CleaverPolitical activist in the Black Panthers and Black Power movement and married to Eldridge Cleaver
Ken Gibson for MayorBecomes first Black Mayor in Newark New Jersey 1969
Lee MarvinActor, Academy Award winner,1970
Leon RussellAmerican singer songwriter1970
LeRoi Jones/ Amiri BarakaPoet, playwright, political activist, writer, Militant black muslim. 1/31/1971
LibertarianGovernment Consultant on Weapons studies - NATO specialist - 1970
Lillian RoxonAustralian journalist and author, "The Rock And Roll Encyclopedia."1969
John BallJohn Ball, the first NYPD officer suspended for having long hair. - 1970
Lou ReedAmerican singer songwriter - The Velvet Underground3/26/1969
Margaret MeadWorld reknowned cultural anthropologist, media speaker and professor at Columbia University. 
Marjoe GortnerAmerican evangelical preacher1971
MelanieAmerican singer songwriter1970
Michael Benson Michael Benson,19 yr. old Navajo Indian, Militant Indian Activist3/1/1970
Michael CiminoAmerican actor1969
Mick JaggerEnglish singer songwriter - Rolling Stones - interviewed a few days before Altamont.10/20/1969
Mike Curbthe very young President, MGM Records 1969
Norman Mailer and Jimmy BreslinMailer - American novelist, journalist, playwrigh who is running for NYC Mayor, and filmmaker and Jimmy Breslin -American journalist and author4/1/1969
Ira GlasserExecutive Director of the New York Civil Liberties Association.1979
Anselma dell'Olio & Dr. SchimmelFounder & Director of the New Feminist Theater and the Assoc. Director of the White Institute of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis & Psychology1969
Paul WilliamsAmerican composer, singer, songwriter, and actor.3/1/1971
Pete Bennett 
Music Promoter, Producer. Brought the Beatles to America, as well as The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues, The Kinks3/3/1970
Pete TownshendEnglish singer songwriter and musician - The Who6/8/1970
Peter FondaAmerican actor and prominent counterculture figure8/1/1971
Peter YarrowPeter, Paul & Mary, singer, songwroter, peace activist, organizer anti-Vietnam march on Washington - 
Keith Reid and Harry BrookerProgressive  Rock pioneers  - Procol Harum1969
Keith Reid and Harry BrookerProgressive  Rock pioneers  - Procol Harum1970
R. Buckminster FullerAmerican architect, Neo-Futurist, engineer, professor of Poetry at Harvard, magazine editor, author and consultant with the US Foreign Economic Administration3/1/1971
Rape discussionRape discussion with panel of women law students and women's rights activists5/9/1971
Raquel WelchAmerican actress interviewed on the set of "Myra Breckenridge"11/18/1969
Ravi ShankarIndian Sitar and Tabla musician. 1970
Reports from WoodstockHoward Smith giving live call-in reports throughout the festival - 8/15/1969
Robert KleinComedian, Actor, Host of "Comedy Tonight" 4/1/1973
Robert Klein Comedian, Actor, Host of "Comedy Tonight" 1970
Robert MitchumActor, first hippie of Hollywood 1970
Roger (Jim) McGuinnFounder/leader of The Byrds 1970
Rolling Stones Press Conference #1In LA and just a few weeks before Altamont 

Rolling Stones Press Conference #2In LA and just a few weeks before Altamont 

Rudy GernreichCo founder of the Mattachine Societ and Fashion Designer of the "monokini", the "pubikini", thong, the "No-Bra"1969
Sandi Morse and Bob Alou
National Director of The Beatles Fan Club -  Paul is alive and well
Sandy Alexander of Hell's AngelsSandy, President of the NY chapter of the Hell's Angels 
Sara MilesActress, Nominated for Oscar 1970,1970
Sex EdDr. Gordon V. Drake,writer of "Is the School House the Proper Place to Teach Raw Sex?" 1969
Sgt. SheffeySgt. Sheffey, National Council of Police Societies - Discuss being a black cop in NYC1969
Shapely Sammie DunnThe first female motorcycle racer, banned from competition by the AMA 2/1/1971
Sid BernsteinMusic Promoter, Producer. Brought the Beatles to America, as well as The Rolling Stones, The Moody Blues, The Kinks2/1/1970
Sly StoneSinger, Songwriter and producer, Sly and the Family1970
Steve WinwoodAmerican singer songwriter of the band Traffic
Suzanna's PerfumesPerfume maker 1970
Taj MahalFamily, music - Singer, songwriter. 1970
The Dominos (Derek and)Eric Clapton's band, after the 2nd show at the Fillmore East - 1970
The Drug BustJohn Dominick, former law student turned author after being busted for pot and serving time1969
A. J. WebermanJournalist and avid collector of all things Bob Dylan1970
The Factory FilmsAndy Warhol, Paul Morrisey , Jane Forth,  Jackie Curtis6/1/1971
Jeanette HenryFounder of The Indian Historian Press to reflect the Native Americans and their plight.1969
Hal SloaneOrganizer/producer of the Mt. Fuji Festival that never was to be6/1/1970
Peter "Pete" Bennett"Prince of Promotion" -  record promote -   Sinatra, the Beatles, Donovan, The Stones, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Dylan, Clapton, The Supremes3/3/1970
The ZombiesBritish rock group sfter the release of their seminal album "Odessey and Oracle"
Tom PaxtonSinger, folk musician  and activist1970
Valerie SolanasWriter of "The Scum Manifesto",and a month after she shot Andy Warhol7/1/1968
Valerie Solanas10 years after her first interview with Howard SMith  and 10 years after she shot Warhol7/28/1977
Vanilla FudgeAmerican rock band2/1/1969
Vidal SassoonCelebrity hair dresser, revolutionized women's hair cuts 1969
Village Voice staffBlair Sable,  Diane Fischer, Howard Smith discuss all about The Village Voice1969
Wade Williams and Frank HowardRe: "The Other Side of Madness" Wade Williams, producer & Frank Howard, director 7/1/1970
Warren BeattyAmerican actor  and filmmaker1972
Where the Men Are AtMen's Club - 6 guys talking, Howard, Dr. Charles Winnick, Toby Mammas, Bob Rudnick, Chuck Ulish1970
Woodstock WanderHoward Smith wandering the grounds of Woodstock and talking to people1969
Woodstock, the filmMichael Wadleigh, Director & Bob Maurice, Producer  discuss the film 2/1/1970
Xaviera HollanderXaviera Hollander  - The Happy Hooker1/16/1972
Zabriskie PointMark Frechette & Daria Halprin, stars of the film  interviewed right after the film's release 
Dennis Hopper and Peter FondaJust after the premiere of Easy Rider  at the Cannes film festival 6/1/1969

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