04-07-2020  Historic Hollywood in 4K

Just transferred from carefully preserved 16mm comes our new 4K vintage Hollywood and Los Angeles collection.

03-03-2020  New 4K Footage

GIW is continuously adding new 4K footage to our collection.

02-04-2020  A New Attitude

Loud, dark, and dangerous - Punk Rock burst onto the music scene with an aggressive sound and an in your face attitude.

01-07-2020  The Incredible World of Cinerama

The wonderful world of Cinerama traveled all over the planet in the 1950s and captured the beauty and intrigue of the natural world.

12-03-2019  Global Conflict

Global ImageWorks' global conflict collection spans over 100 years and includes HD footage of World War Two, the Vietnam War, the Bosnian War and other hot spots around the world.

11-05-2019  Made In America

From aircraft to everyday items, America's industrial force has created thousands of items used across the world.

10-01-2019  Iconic Television

From the 1960s-1990s, Dick Cavett entertained, educated, and evoked audiences and viewers alike.

09-17-2019  GIW Premium Collections

Global ImageWorks exclusively represents outstanding music and entertainment films and television shows including Austin City Limits, The Dick Cavett Show, The Films of Robert Mugge.

08-06-2019  Landmark Events of the Early 1990s

From elections to global conflict to the dawn of the personal computer age, much of the events of the 1990s molded our world in the new millennium.

07-08-2019  Fifty Years Since the Iconic Mission

Global ImageWorks celebrates the dawn of the American space age

06-03-2019  Global ImageWorks' Premiere 4K Collections Expand Our World

Incredible new footage captures riots, disasters, and accidents in 4K.

05-07-2019  Amalie R. Rothschild Photography

From 1968 to 1974 Amalie freelanced in New York City specializing in music photography. She also worked with the Joshua Light Show at Bill Graham's Fillmore East Theater where she was the unofficial house photographer.

04-10-2019  Henry Diltz Photography

Henry Diltz Photography

03-05-2019  Cinerama

GIW is Excited to Represent Cinerama for Clip Licensing

02-05-2019  Joy of Music

Music brings people together. Music has the power to heal, create change, and can even transport you to another time and place.

01-15-2019  Global ImageWorks' Premiere 4K Collections

Global ImageWorks' Premiere 4K Collections Expand Our World

12-04-2018  Global ImageWorks Photos Announces New Photo Collection: Jason Laure

We're pleased to announce our new photo collection by photographer Jason Laure.

11-07-2018  Home Movies

A Family's Perspective

10-09-2018  Voting

Let your voice be heard!

08-07-2018  New 4K Video Collection

With over 3,000 new 4K clips added to the GIW website, your limits are endless.

07-03-2018  Formula 1: Off To The Races

First created in 1950, Formula One quickly became popular amongst car enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.

06-05-2018  Enhance Your History With Global ImageWorks Footage & Photos

1968 was a year of seismic social and political change

05-08-2018  Austin City Limits is the longest running music series in television history

Austin City Limits is the longest running music series in television history, airing weekly on PBS for forty-three years.

04-10-2018  The Dick Cavett Show

Dick Cavett shared with us some of the best comedians to come out of stand up, television, and Hollywood.

03-06-2018  Pop Culture

From grunge and punk to the fans of Elvis, let Global ImageWorks transport you to your pop culture past.

02-27-2018  Scenic Adventures Await

Let us take you there...With photos and footage from Global ImageWorks, the world is yours!

01-09-2018  Hollywood Glamour, Fame & Fortune

Awards season is here! Pay tribute to some of our most beloved actors and socialites!

11-28-2017  Welcome Back Harold Lloyd

Welcome Back Harold Lloyd!

10-23-2017  The History of Politics

The History of Politics

09-21-2017  Weather & Climate Change

Weather & Climate Change

07-12-2017  Escape to World Destinations

Escape to World Destinations

06-06-2017  The Joy of Music

The Joy of Music

05-09-2017  Global Conflict Through The Journalist's Lens

Global Conflict Through The Journalist's Lens

04-11-2017  Films of Robert Mugge

Films of Robert Mugge

03-14-2017  Automotive Icons Through History

Cars and people's fascination with their "wheels" are part of the fabric of pop culture.

03-14-2017  New Pulitzer Prize Celebrates 100 Years

The Pulitzer Prize was established in 1917 by newspaper publisher Joseph Pulitzer to honor exemplary achievements in literature, journalism, and music.Summary ...


Step back in time when the nation first hosted the World Cup in the 1950's