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Audio-Visual Research Services

Let our award-winning research professionals assist with all your audio-visual needs:

  • Consult with you to create your footage and photo budget
  • Locate footage and photos that relate to your subject matter
  • Facilitate acquisition of screening and master materials
  • Create your research & licensing database
  • Negotiate licensing fees and oversee payments of licensing and technical fees

Rights & Clearance Services

From pre-production to post, we will:

  • Work with you to develop a music & media clearance strategy that complements your production
  • Help create a reasonable licensing budget
  • Integrate the clearance process into your production schedule
  • Negotiate favorable rates on your behalf based on our practical knowledge of the licensing marketplace
  • Assist in finding creative, cost-effective solutions where needed

About Us

Since 1985 we've been successfully researching audio-visual material and clearing music for use in new productions. We have the experience and expertise to find what you want and will clear it for your intended use.

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Process & Fees

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Audio-Visual Research Process & Fees

Rights Clearances Process & Fees