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Audio-Visual Research Process & Fees

The Audio-Visual Research process breaks down into four basic phases.

Phase I

Getting to know your project and defining our assignment.

Every project begins with an audio-visual research consultation. We want to thoroughly understand the nature and scope of your project before we engage the third-party rights holders. In this consultation, we address the creative aspects of the project, the production schedule including benchmarks, deadlines and key business factors such as budget and required grant of rights.

Based on this consultation, Global ImageWorks will be able to define its assignment and become an effective member of the production team.

Phase II

Research and Screening Material

Here our resources are focused on locating footage and photos specific to your project's wish list and timeline. We will coordinate and filter all research results and screening/preview materials into the production. It's during this phase that GIW will begin a dialogue with the copyright holders about estimated licensing fees and the availability and costs associated with the master materials.

Phase II B - Additional Research and Screeners (optional)

Often after editing is underway, additional wish lists will surface and it will become necessary to bring more footage and new elements in to the project.

Phase III

Licensing & Contract Administration

Upon completion of an approved final edit, you will provide us with a list itemizing each shot you're using that needs to be licensed. At a minimum, this list will contain:

  • In and out time codes for each shot being licensed
  • A short shot description
  • The copyright holder and their internal reference number for the clip/photo

Based on the footage and photos used, GIW will finalize the licensing fees. Upon your approval of these fees, we will secure the license agreements and invoices from the copyright holders. The agreements will be in your name; however, we will traffic and oversee the execution and payments of all agreements. We advise that your attorney also review these documents.

Note: Global ImageWorks is an audio-visual research and rights clearance service. We are not a substitute for legal counsel. Decisions about what to clear and what may not require clearance should be made by an attorney. Global ImageWorks is happy to provide legal referrals upon request.

It is customary for us to remain on a project until all the agreements have been signed/paid and your clearance deliverables check list is complete.

Phase IV

Master Orders

Simultaneous with Phase 3, GIW will also oversee the ordering and procurement of the master materials needed for your online edit.

Global ImageWorks Research Fees

Each project is unique and after a brief consultation, we'll be able to quickly figure out which fee structure will work best for your project.

The main factors in determining our Audio-Visual Research fee(s) are:

  • The nature/scope of our assignment
  • The grant of rights we need to secure
  • The production schedule
  • The project's budget

The most popular fee options are:

  • An hourly fee or day-rate
  • All-in project fee
  • Weekly or monthly retainer

For further questions and information please contact Jessica Berman-Bogdan at: or call (201) 384-7715.