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Global ImageWorks is an independent company that actively licenses a large archive of curated footage & photos. We also offer a full array of audio-visual research and rights & clearance services.

We're known for our uniquely layered approach to audio-visual research. When necessary, we become audio-visual archeologists. Our research skills predate the Internet. We know how to dig deep and find rare and unseen audio-visual artifacts.

When you hire GIW you get the strength and knowledge of a professional team who has spent the past four decades successfully researching audio-visual material and clearing music and other copyrighted elements for use in new third-party productions. We have the expertise and experience to find what you want and clear it for your intended use.

Archival filmmaking is our passion. Global ImageWorks has extensive experience working on archival music documentaries.

Clearing music and other audio-visual content is like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Let us help you put the pieces together.

Ask us about Research & Licensing databases

Global ImageWorks offers off-the-shelf and custom hosted databases

Organizing a library of raw materials and its affiliated copyright data creates a smooth work flow which is essential to the success of your project. If you don't already have a system in place, a GIW database can take care of those needs.

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