The Clearances Process & Fees

There are three basic phases in the Rights Clearance process.

Phase I - Getting to know your project and defining our assignment

Every project begins with a clearance consultation. We want to thoroughly understand the nature and scope of your project before we engage any third party rights holders. In this consultation we address the creative aspects of the project, the production schedule including benchmarks and deadlines and key business factors such as budget and required grant of rights. It is based on this consultation that Global ImageWorks is able to define its assignment and become an effective member of the production team. (Integrate clearances into the production process)

Phase II - Research Feasibility

Sometimes knowing who to contact is half the battle. In this step we research copyright ownership and/or confirm the information our client has provided is correct and complete. Next, we submit a formal request to the rights owners and determine if the copyrighted material is available for your intended use. It is unusual for a request to be denied based on a copyright's availability, but it does happen. Then we will negotiate the best possible licensing fees on your behalf and communicate these fees to you, our client.

Phase III - Licensing Contract Administration

After you confirm which elements you will be using, our clearance team will secure formal license agreements from the rights owners. We then review these documents to confirm the accuracy of the major deal points. The agreements will be in your name; however, we will traffic and oversee the execution and payments of all agreements (it is advisable that your attorney also review these documents).

Note: Global ImageWorks is a clearance and licensing service. We are not a substitute for legal counsel. Decisions about what to clear and what may not require clearance should be made by an attorney. Global ImageWorks is happy to provide legal referrals upon request.

Global ImageWorks Rights Clearance Fees

How we charge for our services is driven by the type of project we are servicing. The most popular options are:

  • A flat fee per clearance
  • An all-in per project
  • A weekly or monthly retainer

The main factors in determining the Global ImageWorks services fee(s) are:

  • The nature of the assignment
  • The number of clearances required
  • The type of clearances required
  • The grant of rights that need to be secured
  • The production schedule
  • The project's budget

After a brief consultation, we'll be able to quickly figure out which fee structure will work best for your project.

Global ImageWorks also offers a variety of other services, such as Footage Research, Music Media Supervision, Script Reports, and other production support services, all of which are available for additional cost.

For a copy of our rate card and more fee information, please contact Cathy Carapella at: or give us a call at (914) 395-1952 so we can talk about your project.