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The 90's, episode 207: FOCUS ON SPIRITUALITY

01:07 "Garbage Mountain" by Nancy Cain. In Los Angeles, California, Jody Procter takes us on a tour of a garbage dump and shares his reverence for what is found there. He finds "a wealth of material: newspapers, old couches, tennis balls, pieces of carpet and building materials - enough to build a house in Mexico." Procter feels an emotional connection to other people's toss-offs. He reveals that one of his most favorite finds was photos from the Jonestown suicides. Taken by a fellow TV cameraman, the 60 photographs made him feel closer to the tragedy. He reads poetry and bemoans the destruction of some chairs. "It's their graveyard," says Procter, "Once you start to look you realize that everything you need is right here."

08:26 "The Pope" by Esti Marpet. In New York City, the self-proclaimed leader of the "Church of Realized Fantasies" shares his philosophy: "I'm not rich, I do what I want to do, if people don't like it, screw them!" The church seems to have socialist values combined with drug advocacy. We are introduced to a host of colorful characters who inhabit the church and smoke pot.

20:11 "Santo Daime" by Wendy Appel & Alan Barker. Santo Daime is a religious sect in the Amazon Forest dedicated to protecting land from deforestation. They identify what the forest needs naturally and harvest only the renewable resources. Dr. Noel Brown explains his support - although they exhibit elements of cultism, "they express a reverence for nature that we should learn from." A member of the sect explains "it was the people with power who have killed the rain forest." The group has exclusive use of 1.5 million acres of forest.

33:24 "Club Med.? In Eleuthera, Bahamas, vacationers frolic on the beach playing infantile games.

34:14 "Tigray Clinic" by Eddie Becker. At a clinic on the edge of one of the most severely affected famine areas in Ethiopia, a group of Irish nuns nurse the sick. Because they don 't have enough food or medicine for everyone, daily they select those in most dire need and have to turn others away. "There is a severe crisis developing now. Prospects look grim. Poor people are dying and suffering greatly, we can't close our eyes to this."

39:25 "Elk Antler Auction" by Phil Morton. Over 3,000 pounds of deer antlers are auctioned off near Yellowstone in Wyoming. In Korea, deer antlers are sold for $30.00 an ounce and are used as a medicinal tea.

43:35 "The Last Butterfly" by Jay April. In 1984, in Palos Verdes, California, in violation of the endangered species law, a ball park was built on the last known habitat of the Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly. April interviews people in the park about this fact, but no one seems to care. "You can't keep every species. Species evolve, they come and go, but baseball is forever."

52:57 "New York Subway Musician" by Esti Marpet. A female folk singer plays guitar and sings about hard times under credits.

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