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The 90's, episode 112: DRUGS & OTHER WARS

01:37 Cold Opening with Bill Sampson. "These folks are permanently poor - it's new in America. It's not what welfare was supposed to be, it's not what public housing was supposed to be..." 05:15 "John Parker" by Skip Blumberg. In New Haven, Connecticut, ex-addict John Parker illegally distributes clean needles to intravenous drug users to prevent the spread of AIDS. Parker is in thousands of dollars of debt, paying for the program entirely himself. He claims that his program empowers people to feel like they can make a difference in their own lives, which is the first step towards treatment. On the day when Blumberg is shooting, Parker is also being interviewed by an ABC news crew. Blumberg 's shooting style contrasts greatly with that of the ABC crew, who prefer to set up artificial situations rather than shoot events as they unfold.

17:38 Todd Alcott performance piece by Skip Blumberg. Hyper, hysterical Todd loses his keys and can't leave his apartment.

22:55 "High School Poets" by Skip Blumberg. High schoolers read poetry that speculates on the future of the '90s.

24:03 Greater Yellowstone News by Phil Morton and Elizabeth Laden. Ice fishing for trout at Yellowstone.

30:05 "Voices of Cabrini" by Fred Bridges. Youth Leadership volunteer Anthony Tharpe reports on how his organization has motivated the Chicago Housing Authority to make repairs at Cabrini Green.

32:37 Patricia Ford commentary. Academic counselor Patricia Ford encourages African Americans who have "made it" to return to their communities and lend a helping hand. "People don't reach back and lift others up as often as they should."

39:27 "Days of Swine and Roses" by Dennis Darmek. At the Wisconsin State Fair, a pig farmer sings the praises of swine: "They're very intelligent, they never overeat, they have great toilet habits... and they really bring people together." We also meet "Popeye," a man who can pop his eyes out of his head.

44:14 "High School Poets" by Skip Blumberg. Students speculate optimistically about the future.

45:30 "Images of the Homeless" from the student video magazine show "San Diego Stew." Video montage of homeless street people with Bruce Springsteen singing "This Land is Your Land" in the background.

47:00 "Policing the Police" by Educational Video Center. A teenager in New York City talks about police harassment.

49:30 "John Parker" by Skip Blumberg. We visit a "shooting gallery" where IV drug addicts inject themselves. We learn that the health department has cut off his support and Parker has competition from gay organizations. An ABC news story reports that Parker has been found "not guilty" on the criminal charges against him.

58:15 An unidentified street performer plays under credits. By Esti Marpet.

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