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The 90's, episode 101

09:46 Mickey Finn commentary. Finn, director of the Center for Drug Free Schools and Communities, calls for more research into the effects of marijuana and its place in our economy.

11:05 A vintage Phillip Morris cigarette commercial featuring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

12:19 "More Than A Game" by Joel Cohen and Joe Angio. An excerpt from a documentary about the role of basketball in the lives of African American men in Chicago.

17:33 Erika Becker commentary by Eddie Becker. Erika Becker, a young girl, talks about her hopes for the 1990's. She hopes that the '90s will have less crime than the '80s.

25:38 "Afternoon TV in Mexico" by Karen Ranucci. A compilation of snippets from Mexican television. It focuses on the similarities between Mexican programming and U.S. programming (in fact, we see some if the very same shows, just in Spanish).

29:24 "Wisconsin Wiener Mobile" by Matt Gilson. A short look at the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.
31:53 "Krishna vs. Christians" by Nancy Cain. A short video about a Hare Krishna parade in Venice Beach, California and the Christians who are on hand to protest it.

36:28 Louise Hay commentary. Hay, a metaphysical counselor, shares some predictions for the 1990's, including the medical community embracing holistic therapies and a "cleaning up of the planet."

37:19 Chip Lord commentary by Skip Blumberg. Lord shares some former predictions for the 1990's, including the replacement of cars by computers and interspecies communication.

38:28 "Greater Yellowstone News." Phil Morton and Elizabeth Laden search for two missing bison carcasses that were removed by park rangers, arguing that Yellowstone visitors should be allowed to see death as well as life.

42:34 "Talkin' 'Bout Droppin' Out!" by Teen Vision Posse and Branda Miller. A documentary about an African American boy who tells how his family motivated him to stay in school.

46:00 "Homeless Demonstration" by Eddie Becker. Marchers demonstrate in Washington D.C. for affordable housing.

50:25 "Nuestro Tequio" by the Zapoteca Indians. A short documentary about the communal work of the Zapoteca Indians of Mexico. We watch the them put a new roof on a municipal building.

53:52 Richard Trumpka, President of the United Mine Workers Union, gives a speech in St. Paul, Virginia. He talks about disappointments of the '80s and his hopes for the '90s.

54:43 "Jose and His Car" by Skip Blumberg. We talk to a man named Jose while he washes his car on the street. He talks about looking forward to making money in the '90s and is happy to see the '80s go (citing lack of opportunities).

55:51 "Joe Cummings' People." Cummings talks about wanting to see regular people on television.

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