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The 90's, episode 104

01:27 Old commercial for Old Gold cigarettes.

02:22 "Galaxy Sweetheart" by Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Daniel Thalmann. Computer generated animation starring a robot.

07:33 Old commercial for "Barbie Sings" record.

08:15 "Men Against Domestic Violence." Segment by Eddie Becker. Men hold a rally in Washington, D.C to prevent sexual violence and general women's rights issues.

11:04 ?Guns and Women". Joe Cummings reports from an Orland Park shopping mall, where women are going to a shooting range called Target Masters. Cummings investigates this increasing phenomenon of women learning to shoot guns.

14:57 Marlboro Cigarette Commercial. Emphasizes the masculine image of the Marlboro Man.

18:27 Albert Einstein graphic comments on the dangers of smoking.

19:20 Acrobats on Venice Beach by Nancy Cain.

19:39 Greater Yellowstone News segment on deer hunters in the park. By Phil Morton. We follow the hunters as they make a kill and show the corpse.

22:45 "Folklore Festival of Morocco" by Bart Friedman and Joel Gold. Acrobats perform outside on carpets.

25:30 "Letta's Family" by the Educational Video Center. Documentary about a family in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennesse. Letta, the mother of the family, speaks about their extreme poverty and about how they survive on potatoes and greens from their garden and live without electricity or running water.

29:23 "Uncle Sam Falls" by Bill Stamets. A humorous clip where a mannequin dressed as Uncle Sam topples over and people scramble to right him. ACCESS ONLY

36:53 Muddy Waters talks about music. By Michael Prussian.

37:10 "Rock and Roll Controversy." Old black and white film clips that highlight the generational gap surrounding the emergence of rock 'n roll. "Rock 'n roll is cool, daddy, and you know it!?

41:27 Paul Krassner talks about the Elvis Presley's place in American culture.

44:29 "Advice Ladies" by Skip Blumberg. Women give advice on the streets of New York City.

44:58 Home video of Leo Goldstein's 99th birthday party.

50:30 Airplane lands.

50:56 "Fontano's." Documentary about the legendary Chicago deli and its owners. Mrs. Fontano talks about her traditional values -?only crazy people get divorce!? and Joe Cummings enters in the dining room (the room that is never to be used) with a nervous Mr. Fontano.

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