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Getting There Is Half The Fun

Getting There Is Half The Fun. A Transatlantic cruise on a luxurious Cunard Line ocean liner.. 1950s, Earth, globe, water, waves, surf, Norseman looking over ocean painting, Leif Erikson, vikings, viking boat painting, Christopher Columbus portrait, clipper ship paintings, explorers, Atlantic Ocean, crossing North Atlantic, Transatlantic, Age of Steam, Samuel Cunard portrait, Cunard Line, Britannia of 1840 painting, Cunard flag, boats, ocean liners, cruise ships, Mauretania, Britannic, RMS Carinthia, RMS Sylvania, RMS Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth traveling past city skyline, map of European ports, travel agency, travel agents helping passengers book trips, travel agent using pencil to point to cruise ship deck plans, map showing North American routes and ports, New York City, Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge, ocean liners docked in cruise ship terminal along Manhattan, Hudson River, Manhattan Cruise Terminal, North Atlantic crossing, docked Queen Elizabeth, crowds of people and taxis / cars stopping alongside Queen Elizabeth pier, passengers walking and carrying luggage on pier, passengers unloading luggage from taxi, passengers crossing gangway and boarding ship, stewards carrying luggage and opening cabin doors for passengers, smiling woman walking towards bouquet on cabin table, woman's hand holding card on bouquet, smiling elderly couple looking around cabin, smiling stewardess adjusting bouquet in cabin and taking coats from passengers, steward putting down luggage in room and stewardess hanging up coats in closet as smiling elderly couple look around room, passengers and deckhand chiming gong walking on deck, news photographers and newsreel cameramen photographing and filming celebrities on deck, docking bridge, passengers standing on deck, people standing on pier looking up at passengers, man and woman smiling and pointing, Cunard Line and British flags flying from ship, crow's nest, gangway being removed, crew removing mooring line, casting off, bridge, engine order telegraph / ship throttle, funnels emitting steam and horn blaring, passengers waving from ship deck, people on pier waving to departing ship, tugboat helping ocean liner clear pier, ship throttle / engine order telegraph switching to slow, Queen Elizabeth traveling down Hudson River, passengers walking around cruise ship, direction signs, woman pointing to deck plan, people boarding cruise ship elevator, purser's office, radio telegram office, ship personnel assisting passengers, elderly couple reading passenger list, female passenger giving clothes on hangers to steward, barber shop, hair salon, woman looking at hairdo in hand mirror, shoe shiner shining and putting shoes outside cabin door, man and woman being served breakfast in bed, man reading Ocean Times newspaper, woman lifting receiver from telephone, switchboard operators, woman talking on telephone, passengers promenading on cruise ship deck, passengers lying in deck chairs, cabin class deck, tourist class deck, men taking photographs of people in deck chairs and standing on deck, woman taking photograph and smiling, people dining in veranda grill, people seated in lounge, china figurines display, people shopping in cruise ship clothing stores, woman shopping for handbags, people browsing and reading in library, writing room, men playing chess, sports decks, passengers playing deck games, deck tennis, quoits, shuffleboard, passengers working out on exercise equipment in gym, people swimming in cabin class indoor swimming pool, turkish baths, attendant giving woman towel as she gets out of pool, waiters serving afternoon tea to passengers seated in deck chairs on promenade deck, passengers being served afternoon tea in main lounge, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother portrait, intricate marquetry panels, largest marquetry panel in world depicting pilgrims from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, woman and man looking at film lobby cards and entering movie theater, passengers taking seats in movie theater as curtains open, people drinking in Observation Bar, bartenders shaking cocktails in cocktail shakers and pouring into glasses, mother bringing daughter to cabin class nursery, boys playing with miniature captain's bridge, children's party with children seated at tables and playing with balloons, smoking room, mural map of North Atlantic illustrating route of Queen Elizabeth and Mary ships from Ambrose Light Ship to Bishop's Rock, models of Queen ships, ship's officer looking through binoculars and passengers standing on deck watching Queen Mary passing Queen Elizabeth, water rapids, sailor turning ship's wheel, ship's officers looking through binoculars and sextants, crow's nest, ship's funnel and deck, port side, starboard, passengers strolling on deck, silhouettes of people standing on deck looking at ocean view at sunset, man embracing woman brushing hair as she looks at her reflection in mirror, host greeting couples dressed in evening attire as they enter main restaurant, elaborate buffet with platters of food, Main Dining Salon, passengers in evening attire seated at tables being served by waiters, waiters carrying trays of food from kitchen to passengers seated at tables, server removing lid to reveal food on platter, beef carver slicing roast beef on table side cart, woman taking bite and smiling with delight, pastry chef preparing Cr

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