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Flight To Gemany

Flight To Gemany. Prominent cities and locations in Germany in the 1950's.. 1950s, Germany, people dining at outdoor restaurant along Rhine, cityscape along Rhine, passengers on tour boat, Rhineland, castle, coal barge, Cologne, cityscape, Cologne Catheral, Wuppertal, Wuppertal Suspension Railway, Schwebebahn, monorail, River Wupper, monorail pov traveling over a River Wupper, Black Forest, boy rowing boat on lake as man plays accordion, women in traditional Bavarian costume, Bavaria, Berchtesgaden, people dressed in traditional Bavarian costume marching in parade, spectators, cattle decorated in floral headdresses, children dressed in traditional Bavarian costume performing Schuhplattler folk dance accompanied by accordion, Hamburg, Elbe River, boats, Port of Hamburg, harbor, woman on tour boat, street scenes, pedestrians, people walking up U-Bahn station stairs, man talking to policeman, historic and modern buildings, Tierpark Hagenbeck, Hagenbeck zoo, trainer feeding walruses, spectators watching, elephants doing tricks for trainer, people feeding elephants, trainer swinging from swing held in elephant's mouths, Wetzlar, camera factory, Leica factory, boy apprentices making camera lenses, male and female workers assembling cameras, Black Forest, cuckoo clocks, Munich, street scenes, pedestrians, people riding bicycles, Karlstor city wall, Oktoberfest, carousel, merry-go-round, fairgrounds, mechanized boats, Wild West show, cowboy twirling lasso, horse drawn beer wagon, man cooking frankfurters, bicycle race, Baden-Baden casino, horse racing, Iffezheim racetrack, jockeys riding horses, spectators, Zugspitze, aerial tramway traveling up snow covered mountain, people cross country skiing and skiing down slope, TWA airplane in flight, passengers seated in airplane, male passenger putting pillow behind his head and reclining in seat, girl seated in window seat pointing to window, flight attendant bringing tray of food and pouring glass of champagne for passenger, male and female passengers eating and drinking, taxiing TWA airplane, Frankfurt, Frankfurt Airport, passengers deplaning via rolling stairs assisted by flight crew, car pov driving on autobahn, Phoenix Reifen, Helmstedt?Marienborn border crossing, West Germany, East Germany, Wir w

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