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The Two Philadelphias

The Two Philadelphias. A television travelogue about Philadelphia in the 1960s. 1960s, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, cityscape, Betsy Ross flag, car pov driving on highway past modern high rise buildings, cityscape, skyline, street scene, William Penn, Penn Treaty Park, Obelisk Monument, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, Senate Chambers, Vice President's Desk and Chair, Philadelphia Freedom Festival, Independence Mall, Independence National Historical Park, Washington Square, Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier, Freedom Festival ceremony, wreath being placed on taps while marine plays taps, boys raising flags on flagpoles, Christ Church, Susan Smith interviewing Reverend Ernest A. Harding about George Washington Pew, William and Mary Coat of Arms on column, Baptismal Font, John Penn gravestone, wineglass pulpit by Jon Folwell, Mary Andrews gravestone, Christ Church Burial Ground, Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Franklin graves, Benjamin Franklin portrait painting, notes written by Franklin on copy of US Constitution, letter from Benjamin Franklin to wife Deborah, Poor Richard Almanack, illustrated proverbs, Franklin's debtors book, Benjamin Franklin statue in Franklin Institute Memorial Hall, Franklin Institute facade, exhibits, display of clock pendulums, reflection of woman in parabolic reflector, man demonstrating static electricity charge on woman from Van de Graaff generator, woman demonstrating gravity of rolling cone on hill, pendulum tracing Lissajous figure with sand, woman in flight simulator, stainless steel Budd BB-1 Pioneer airplane in front of Franklin Institute, Elfreth's Alley, Betsy Ross flag, Betsy Ross House, Edgar Allen Poe house, Mill Grove House, John James Audubon Center, Mill Grove Museum and Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary, studio, bird and wildlife paintings, mansions on Main Line, commuter train passing through station, Haverford Station, Merion Cricket Club, club members playing tennis, Bryn Mawr Station, Bryn Mawr College, Inn of the Four Falls, man greeting couple getting out of car and opening front door, waterfalls, Devon Horse Show, show jumping, open jump event, harness event, judges awarding awards to winners, Paoli station, train stopped at station, Philadelphia cityscape, Da Vinci Ristorante, server giving menus to women seated at sidewalk table, antipasto, Rittenhouse Square, clothesline art exhibits, Shofuso Japanese House and Garden, Fairmount Park, boat pov Port of Philadelphia, Delaware River, showboat tour boat, destroyers, battleships, aircraft carrier, remains of sunken ship, woman boarding USS Olympia, Admiral Dewey, Manila Bay, metal footprints on deck, Bookbinder's Restaurant, Albert Taxin showing Susan Smith how to hypnotize lobster, city streets at night, crystal chandelier, Debutante Coming Out Party, Debutante and mother greeting guests on reception line, Bellevue-Stratford Hotel, neon sign of CR nightclub lit up at night, nightlife, woman and man dancing on dance floor for onlookers seated at tables, floorshow, couple seated at nightclub table, onlookers applauding and smiling, Warwick Hotel neon sign, smorgasbord buffet table, July 4th cake, Mummers Parade, train passing through station, high rise buildings, Elfreth's Alley, Benjamin Franklin statue in Franklin Institute Memorial Hall, Liberty Bell, Mill Grove House, Betsy Ross House, show jumping at Devon Horse Show, Da Vinci Ristorante, server giving menus to women seated at sidewalk table, Warwick Hotel smorgasbord buffet table, cityscape, showboat tour boat on Delaware River, Independence Hall, Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

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