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Honda Concept Car, Jet, and Asimo Robot

Honda- North American International Auto Show B-rol: Moody glamour-shots of Honda High-Performance Sports Concept in a darkened room. Close-ups of dashboard, seats, and steering wheel, interior and exterior features. Similar shots of the Honda IMAS in an all-white space. Tracking frontal and overhead shots of Honda HPC speeding down a racetrack. B-roll tracking shots of Honda FCX driving through a city and then through a snowy landscape. HondaJet airplane takes off from Greensborough NC airport and then lands on a runway. Honda humanoid robot makes it's appearance onstage at the Auto Show, waving to the crowd, It dances with some children and climbs a staircase. In cutaway footage, we also see it bring an older woman a glass of water inside her home.

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