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Big Apple Story

Opens with shot of graffiti on wall behind broken railing. Shot of overpass from underneath. Cut to man standing (in a trenchcoat and bowl hat) silhouetted on broken bridge looking down at newspaper in hands. Profile shot of same man reading, checking watch, and waiting for train. Train arrives and man walks in. He passes a strange man standing as we follow him to where he puts his bag up and sits down with the newspaper. Cut to train tracks from point-of-view of the front of the train. Back to wider shot of man in dirty train as he puts the newspaper down and looks out the window. Point-of-view of front of train with city skyline in background. Medium shot of man looking out window. Point-of-view of train as it falls off tracks into river. Black. Bright spotlight over black background gets bigger with sounds of a live audience in background and TV host announcing. Stage with sad "big apple" moving across. Black curtains reveal two "doors" on stage. Door #1 is a small wooden block center stage that says "cut everything, pay your debts". Door #2 on right has lights surrounding and signs that say "PICK ME", "slash taxes", "free subways", "slash taxes", etc. Cut to extreme close-up of big apple's sad face. Cut to shots of masked protestors (the "audience") holding signs that say "rotten to the core", "despair", "soak the poor", etc. Close-up of sad apple again. Camera moves back and forth on stage between doors enticing the apple to chose between the two. Close-up of apple looking back and forth between the two doors. Silhouette of men who take away the door on right that says "Pick me". Protestors turn into a mad riot. Tunnel with striped lights bring sad apple from back to front on conveyor belt. Close-up of exit sign in red. Wooden door opens to reveal a long hallway from point-of-view of apple. Shot of sad apple moving through hallway. Apple opens a door to a desolate, garbage dump with ruined buildings in background. Sad apple closes door and continues down hallway where he proceeds to open endless doors with different "exit" signs on them. Shot of Brooklyn Bridge from middle of bridge portrayed on game show as "live" with sad apple core coming from background to foreground. Sad apple core turns. Quick zooming close-up of water. Cut back to man on subway pondering as he looks through the window. Same point of view from front of speeding train with skyline in background over grassy train tracks as it falls into water.

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