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Borneo. Expeditions in Borneo by Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson show the terrain, flora, fauna and lifestyle of Borneo as the Johnsons search for a huge orangutan.. 1930s, Borneo, Asia, Martin Johnson filming with movie camera and Osa Johnson pointing rifle in front of airplane propeller, Martin filming with camera, Martin and crew filming on boat deck with camouflaged Spirit of Africa Sikorsky S-39, amphibious aircraft, Martin and Osa Johnson next to the Spirit of Africa, Martin in Spirit of Africa,Spirit of Africa taking off, airplane POV wild horses galloping, Spirit of Africa landing on water and approaching dock, people rowing sailboat, Osa standing on Spirit of Africa pontoon, China Seas, Isle of the Inconceivable, Spirit of Africa flying over Borneo, airplane POV Borneo, Osa in airplane, Island of the Lepers, airplane POV Borneo coast, sailboats and houses on stilts in water, Sandakan, airplane POV Sandakan coast, airplane POV Kinabatangan River, Martin filming from airplane, map of Borneo, Spirit of Africa landing on water, Murut natives greeting the Johnsons as they arrive at shore, headhunters, Murut native talking to Martin in English, people carrying supplies through jungle, flying snakes, natives chopping down foliage to clear path as they lead Johnsons through jungle, Osa examining snake wrapped around tree trunk, natives pulling her away as she screams, native man shooting snake with blow gun, river monkeys in trees, Borneo deer, natives chopping down foliage and trees in jungle to make campsite clearing, native man slowly picking up jungle debris with toes and putting in pile, native man falling asleep standing up, native man wearing straw hat taking nap, native men constructing raft from rattan, bamboo and jungle wood, Johnsons instructing natives in building raft, thatched roof huts along river, thatched roof raft caravan pulling Spirit of Africa and canoes, native man helping Martin load camera, man with a toothache mistaking Martin for a medicine man, Chinese dentist arriving on canoe, Chinese dentist treating native man with toothache, native man running off into jungle, Osa in straw hat coming back from fishing trip with native men, Osa chasing monkeys out of hut with broom, monkeys running through jungle and climbing trees, flying monkeys jumping into river from trees, native men showing Johnsons watering hole, gibbons, baby orangutan, red leaf monkey, owl, lemur, native man cutting branch of water-bearing tree for Osa, Osa drinking from branch, animals in watering hole, Malayan Sun Bear, monkeys on branches, wild pigs, civet, spectacle monkey, monkeys playing, gibbons hanging from branch and drinking water with hands, siamang call, siamang swinging on vine, siamang picking ticks off deer, Osa feeding proboscis monkey babies, Spirit of Africa coming onto land from river, Chinese junk and raft going down river, Murut native men and women in straw hats rowing raft, native houses on stilts along riverbank, dense jungle along riverbank, Martin and Osa filming each other from different vessels, caravan of canoes paddled by natives going down river, dense palm groves along riverbank, proboscis monkeys in trees and eating, proboscis family, adult monkey examining baby monkey, Martin filming in canoe going down river, boat POV going down river, caravan of canoes going down river, birds, Borneo water turkey, trees along river, Martin and Osa filming in canoe, mudskippers

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