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The History of Pan American Airways

The History of Pan American Airways. A Pan Am New Horizons film about the history of Pan American Airways. 1960s, Pan Am, New Horizons, contrail, Pan American airplane in flight, airplane taxiing, marshaller signaling pilot, passengers boarding airplane on rolling stairs, flight attendant, in flight service, ticket counter, export sign, mail going up belt loader into plane, travel agent, airplane in flight, 1927, 1920s jazz dancers, Charles Lindbergh in Paris holding French flag, Lindbergh flies from New York to Paris, movie theater marquee for Eddie Cantor in The Kid From Spain, Fokker F-7 in flight and landing, spectators on ground, buoy, Charles Lindbergh and Edwin Charles Musick taking off in Sikorsky S-38 Duck, flying boat, native workers, construction, barrels, bulldozer, dynamite exploding, mining, cement factory, runway, sunset over ocean, radio operator, telegraph key, morse code, flying boat, passengers, aerial harbor, flying boat landing and taking off, air radio navigation, flight crew, passengers dining, aviation weather service, weather monitoring equipment, PAA letterhead in typewriter, four engine flying boat, engine propeller brake, nurse examining patient with stethoscope, pilots in cockpit, mountain peaks, skyline over ocean, clouds, waves, weathervane, typewriter, weather monitoring equipment, radio announcer, announcing, Alameda, California, flight crew, loading mail, China Clipper, Martin M-130, flying boat, piot, Edwin Charles Musick, radio operator, telegraph key, morse code, Ocean Airbase Number One, Honolulu, Mid Ocean Airbase Number Two, Midway Islands, Trans Pacific Airbase Number Three, Wake Islands, Mid Ocean Airbase Number Four, Guam, Trans Pacific Air Terminal, Manila, waving, funnel, taking off, aerial of harbor, San Francisco, Pier 22, loading cargo, stevedores, navigation instrument, map, navigating, Midway Island, beach, gooney birds, construction, Pan American Airways System Hotel, Wake Island, unloading timber, native workers, dynamite exploding in water, carts on rails, cargo ship, barrels, China Clipper arriving, radio announcer, announcing, Pearl Harbor, China Clipper landing, propellers, newspaper headlines about Clipper, World War Two, 1939, bomber aircraft, bombs detonating, refugees fleeing, Washington D.C., federal government buildings, Calvary Group Statue, United States Capitol Building, Yankee Clipper taking off, pilot in cockpit, flight crew helping evacuees, passengers boarding, Air Mail being written on envelope, smiling women waving, passengers disembarking airplane, 1941, Pearl Harbor attack, bombing, smoke, radio operator, morse code, flight crew, navigating, navigation tools, Philippine Clipper, Pan American System clipper, bombers, bombs being dropped, Pacific Clipper landing at Laguardia Field Seaplane Base, crew boarding flying boat, propellers starting up, flying boat taking off, airplane shadow on water, airplanes taking off, airplanes in flight, mountain peaks, airplane landing, native workers building runway, plane pov flying low over water, PAA Air Rescue Squad, airplane flying through clouds, pilots in cockpit, radio compass, bad weather, secretaries typing on typewriters, newspaper headlines about PAA, propeller, Pan Am jet aircraft, marshaller, classes, training, learning, engineers, technicians, flight crews, flight maintenance, electronic system, reservationist using electronic system, New York City, Pan Am building, baggage handler loading cargo, automobiles being unloaded from plane, international shipping tags, flight crew, secretary, technicians, marshaller, personnel, flight attendant, passengers, multiculturalism, diversity, passenger service agent, passengers and flight crew embarking airplane, ground crew, saluting, airplane taking off, airplane pov runway rushing below, airplane flying above clouds

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