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The Longest Gangplank

The Longest Gangplank Pt 1
Description: Entertaining travelogue from 1926 promoting The French Line, a trans-Atlantic cruise line. This is interspersed with narrative that focuses on a young middle-class couple who takes a trip on the ocean liner. Extensive footage of passengers enjoying leisure time and activities on the sun deck, couples in 1920s formal attire dancing and eating in dining room, people exercising in the gym, and romantic couples.

Clip #: TFA-157
Year: 1926
Color: B/W
Sound: Silent
Decade: 1920s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Subject: Recreation
Original: 35mm
1920s, travelogues, audiences, banquets, bedrooms, churches, cigarettes, clapping, churches, couples, religion, crosses, prays, dining halls, drinking, eating, gyms, offices, puppet shows, restaurants, sports, travel agencies, steamship, steamboat, steamers, passenger ships, ocean liners, cruise ships, boats, ships, arguing, love, argument, gymnasium, exercising, medicine balls, punching bags, formal attire, tuxedos, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, sophisticated, sophisticates, socializing, bystanders, transatlantic crossing, antique cars 01:00:12:18 Title cards: "The French Line - Compagnie Generale Transatlantique" superimposed over image of Ocean Liner. "The Longest Gangplank" Young couples on deck of sailboat enjoying leisure time, woman dives into water & swims nearby. One couple declares they are sailing to Europe on French Line, woman begs husband to do the same. LA woman in swimsuit sits on boom & gazes into distance of setting sun (good shot, dreamy, romantic, romance). 01:02:49:25 INT bedroom, husband & wife in separate beds argue about going on French Line, both get irritated (he thinks it is too much money).

01:03:44:08 INT office, MS businessman sits at desk & tries to make telephone calls (everyone he tries to call is not there and are traveling on the French Line). MS businessman suddenly looks towards window. LA CU smoke coming out funnel of steamboat (smokestack). MS French Line Ocean Liner on the move. CU headshot still image of 1920s glamour girl. MS businessman at desk smiles & nods his head (decides to find out how much money cruise would cost).

01:05:15:12 EXT French Line Travel Agency building at 18 State Street. Man walks into building & asks travel agent for ticket prices. Travel agent unfurls large brochure & shows man options. Man lights cigarette, decides on option & purchases tickets.

01:07:18:23 INT house, MS wife lies on couch reading. Husband surprises wife w/ tickets on French Line, & she is ecstatic. They kiss & eagerly look over brochure.

01:08:51:14 Silhouetted images of people waving from ground as ocean liner departs (good shot, departure, voyage). Neon sign flashing "French Line" recedes into distance.

01:09:53:04 Ship passengers walking on deck & relaxing in deckchairs. Crowds of passengers on sun deck watch as actress Marion Davies rolls dice for game & man w/ megaphone announces roll.

END OF PART ONE 01:11:36:11 PART II MS couple, woman w/ happy expression Crowds of passengers on sun deck watch as actress Marion Davies rolls dice for game & man w/ megaphone announces roll. Jazz musician Ted Lewis stands in crowd & laughs.

01:12:19:13 Boxers spar in boxing ring on sun deck as crowds watch. Wrestlers spar in ring on sun deck as crowds watch. MS happy couple sitting on sun deck applauding & watching.

01:14:27:03 Puppet show w/ puppets hitting each other w/ sticks. Group of happy children applauding. LS adults & children watching puppet show. INT gym, men toss medicine ball around, man punches speed bags. Men riding stationary exercise bicycles (bikes) w/ huge pedometers (great shot, old exercise equipment). Children riding "horse" exercise equipment. (good shots, exercising, exercise)

01:15:25:00 Passengers play shuffleboard on sun deck (good shots, leisure). Couple greets men seated in deckchairs.

01:16:45:20 Couple walks up to Captain's Bridge & shakes hands w/ Captain. Captain gives couple tour of bridge & chats w/ them. Captain unhoo

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