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Crossroads of the West

Crossroads of the West. A trip to Salt Lake City, Utah and environs in 1955. LS Salt Lake City. Mormon Temple. Mormon Tabernacle. Choir in front of large pipe organ. Man plays organ keyboard. Conductor with choir. CU conductor with baton. Cu choir. LS Mormon Temple Salt Lake City, LS Hotel Utah, now Joseph Smith Memorial Building, pan down Main Street past Hotel Utah to Brigham Young monument, up main street with Brigham Young monument in foreground, LS University of Utah with students walking by and American flag on flagpole at half mast, student girls in bobby sox sit on steps, student boys sitting on steps of physical sciences building watch girls go by, LS across city with State Capitol building in distance and mountains behind, girls walk by base of Seagull Monument then pan up monument to top with Morman Cathedral in background. LS people swimming in Great Salt Lake, Utah, speedboat passes in background, people on beach, man applies suntan lotion to other man's back while boy bounces off of large inner tube, woman hands sandwich to another woman, woman floats suspended in salt water, men on golf course, man hits golf drive, woman hits drive, two men get into golf cart and drive away towards snow capped Wasatch mountains 1954 station wagon drives towards camera with mountains in background, tracking shot showing family at picnic table in woods, mother, father, and children roasting hot dogs on sticks over campfire, picnic basket and thermos on table, CU girls eating hot dog, mom munches on wiener, one boy tosses baseball to another, girl and young boy toss large rubber ball, father and mother sit on rock next to rapids in stream LS Alta, Utah ski resort and snow covered mountains, man skis down hill towards camera, bottom of ski lift, sign Alta Ski School Meeting Place, people sunning themselves outside ski lodge, man gets onto chair lift, two men come down ramp onto ski life, men push off at top of hill and ski to bottom

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