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A Guided Tour of Washington, D.C.

A Guided Tour of Washington, D.C.. A woman and her younger brother visit the famous sights of Washington, D.C. and Virginia in the 1940's.. 1950s, Washington, D.C., United States Capitol Building, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington National Airport, airplanes on tarmac, woman and younger brother visiting from out of town renting car from Hertz, woman and boy driving off in convertible, Statler Hotel, 16th Street, woman and boy driving up to hotel entrance in convertible, Washington Monument, woman and boy driving convertible up to Washington Monument, Smithsonian Institution, National Air Museum, footage of Wright Brother's first flight at Kitty Hawk, footage of Charles Lindbergh flying Spirit of St. Louis, Star Spangled Banner Flag on display, woman and boy in convertible driving on parkway towards Capitol Building, woman and boy looking at plaque on White House gate, boy taking photograph of White House from open gate, White House facade, interior White House, Red Room, Blue Room, US Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Changing of the Guard in front of Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, woman and boy in convertible driving up to Thomas Jefferson Memorial, cherry trees in bloom in West Potomac Park, Mount Vernon, Virginia, woman and boy in convertible driving past entrance, Mount Vernon house and grounds, tombs of George Washington and Martha Washington, woman and boy walking on path to Gunston Hall, interior Gunston Hall, George Mason and Thomas Jefferson reenactors in period clothing, woman and boy walking through boxwood alley, 18th century gardens, woman and boy driving convertible on road, Monticello entrance sign and house facade, Richmond, traffic on boulevard, Williamsburg, Colonial Williamsburg, Governor's Palace, female reenactor in period clothing, Powder Magazine and Guard House, Washington National Airport, airplane parked on tarmac

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