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Eskimo Summer

Eskimo Summer. Canadian Eskimo life in the early 1940s. 1940s, Canada, Arctic, coastline, melting ice and snow, summer, Eskimos, Inuits, Alaska Natives, Eskimos carrying supplies and walking to summer fishing camp, Eskimo women setting up tents, Eskimo women carrying babies in their hoods, Eskimo men making stone dam fish trap in shallow water, fish entering dam and getting trapped, fishermen spearing fish in dam and flinging to boy on shore, fishermen anchoring net to shore and stretching it out across river, fishermen in kayak, fisherman in kayak catching fish with net, fishermen pulling white whale catch onto boat, fishermen pulling whale in net onto shore and cutting it up, Eskimo family eating meal of uncooked fish, ulu knife being used to cut up fish, ulu knife being used to cut up whale blubber, oil being pressed out of blubber, Eskimo pouring oil into stone lamp and lighting wick, Eskimos cutting up and hanging fish on lines to dry, Eskimo women chasing dogs away from hanging fish, harbor, Eskimos paddling out in kayaks to supply boat, Eskimo man fixing stalled boat engine, Eskimos unloading cargo onto shore, metal drums being filled with petrol and gasoline, Hudson Bay Company Trading Post, Eskimos trading furs for wooden stick currency, Eskimo splitting match down center, Eskimo using Primus stove, Caribou, Eskimo men looking through telescopes, Eskimo men stalking Caribou by imitating their movements and firing rifles, Eskimo man cutting up Caribou, Eskimo man laying out Caribou skin on ground, walruses in water and on rocks, polar bear in water, Eskimo man shooting and harpooning Polar Bear in water, Eskimo men hauling Polar Bear onto boat and shore, Eskimo men storing Polar Bear meat

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