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Team SportsMore spills and Thrills 1950s

02:13:20 – 02:14:02>>>Black and White

CARD: “HITTING THE HIGH SPOTS: Invent new thrill for motorists – a roller coaster for autos.”
Shots of Model T-era cars going over a large wooden coaster designed for cars.

|02:14:04 – 02:15:12>>>Black and White
CARD: “DETROIT AND RANGERS TIE IN HOCKEY OPENER” Cougars surprise fans by putting up hard battle against New York.”
Shots of early ice hockey.
CARD: “The final period when the visitors tied the score – Result 5-5”

|02:15:14 – 02:16:05>>>Black and White
CARD: “HE CAN’T AFFORD TO ‘FAWL DOWN” ON THIS JOB” – “Human Fly” thrills thousands in Capital as he scales twelve story building”
Crowds gather as man scales a building – shot from various angles.
CARD: “He almost signs his resignation”
He almost falls, but recovers. Shots of the crowd. He makes it to the top and then does a handstand.

|02:16:16 – 02:16:24>>> Black and White
Shot of Congress with a massive Flag. The Vice President? Stands up and smacks the gavel – could also be a state congress – not indicated.

|02:16:27 – 02:17:03>>>Black and White
Indoor bicycle race from the starting line. CUT AWAY shots of man in bicycle gear having his muscles massaged.

|02:17:05 – 02:17:27>>>Black and White
Shots of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Shots include the bust of the man who donated the museum – Jules E. Mastbaum, the Thinker and the Kiss.

|02:17:29 – 02:17:45>>>Black and White
A run/walk race – the winner is shown flanked by fans and press. Great shots of the funny way they move in the race.

|02:17:46 – 02:18:29>>>Black and White
Propeller plane taking off and landing (not gracefully- press run towards the plane). A man next to the plane being congratulated.

|02:18:32 – 02:19:12>>>Black and White
Swimmers in full trunks diving into the ocean from the beach. Shots of people coming out of the water. Shots of men standing in their trunks. Polar Bear Club.
CARD: “One Red Hot Papa Tries To Cool Off”
Man sitting in the snow and ice, wearing trunks runs snow on his head. He falls through the ice trying to get back to land.

|02:19:14 - 02:20:18>>>Black and White
Large stadium filled to the brim. Football game with the old style uniforms.

|02:20:20 – 02:21:15>>>Black and White
Woman in 30’s attire cuts a ribbon and launches a champagne bottle, christening a boat. The boat leaves dry dock and goes into the water. The boats docks and people in suits and hats get on board.

|02:21:18 – 02:22:09>>>Black and White
Men with cows at a State Fair? Shots of cows being led by men
CARD: “Some Of The Champions”
Shots of prize winning cattle.

|02:22:16 – 02:22:46>>>Black and White
CARD: “BIG SHIPS BUCK ICE-CHOCKED RIVER – Freezing weather in North keeps Government tugs busy clearing channels”
Ship steaming through the ice. Tugboat cutting through the ice.

|02:22:49 – 02:23:41 Black and White

CARD: “DEIGEL KEEPS CROWN AS NATIONAL GOLF KING – Defeats Farrell and wins professional championship…”

Golfer ties off and moves on…followed by crowd and such.
CARD: “Diegal finishes 6 and 4 and gets the cup.”
Shots of him sinking a put to win and receiving the cup/award.
02:23:42 – 02.24:29 Black and White
CARD: “NEWS PARAGRAPHS: Government hold “Old Age Day” – 90 to 105-year-olds feature first holiday ……folks”
Shots of elderly sitting in chairs. Some look like immigrants from Ellis Island days. Catholic Mass. Woman in headdress (Spanish?)

02.24.31 – 02.25.22 Black and White
CARD: “KING OPENS BRIDGE – Gustav V, ruler of Sweden dedicates country biggest railroad span”

Shots of bridge huge bridge. Shots of Gustav V(?), a woman and young man (crowned prince). The group walk onto a platform where there are greeted by cheering subjects.
CARD: “With the King are the Crown Prince and Princesss, Prince Eugen and Princess.
Shots of train with Swedish flag crossing the bridge and being flanked by crowds.

02:25:23 – 02:25:45 Black and White
CARD: “OUR NEW SECRETARY OF WAR; Patrick J. Hurley, of Oklahoma succeeds late James W. Good.”
Hurley and his wife descend stairs and greet the press

02:25:48 – 02:27.00 Black and White
CARD “What great dirigible crashed, killing 34 U.S. airmen, about 7 years ago?
CARD “The “Roma,” on Feb. 2, 1922 after her arrival from Italy”
Shots of the crash with the burned out zeppelin and people shifting through the rubble. CARD that goes too fast to read followed by shot so the exterior of the dirigible and the crew inside.

02:27:01 – 02:28:15 Black and White
CARD: “STAFFORDSHIRE WINS ‘CYCLE GRAND NATIONAL: Daredevil riders of steel steed race for …. Challenge Casket”
Shots of Racers running to their bikes and racing.
CARD: “Hard Going”
Shots of Cycles getting stuck in the mud and being helped out.
CARD: “ V.N. Brittain wins”
Shots of him crossing the finish line and posing on the bike for photographers.

02:28:22 – 02: 29:12 Black and White
CARD: “ODDITIES IN TO-DAY’S NEWS: Model of liner Columbus is given tryout in Hudson River.”
Shot of miniature boat with the Manhattan skyline in the background.
CARD: “Has gas engine, can carry 4 persons, and travels 10 miles and hour.”
Shots of man getting into the miniature boat.

02:29:13 – 02:29:42 Black and White
CARD: “AERO-BOAT IN FAST TRIAL: New type of speed craft goes sixty miles an hour in River Weser.”
Shots of Propeller on boat being cranked then the boat moving.

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