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Historic Travel FilmsPan Am To South America

Pan Am to South America 1935 - SIKORSKY S-40 NC-752V Pan Am Southern Clipper flying over water, flying boat, airmail, Four engine sea plane Clipper flies over Haiti, HA. Various, natives walking along road, street scenes, women carrying load on heads, loads on horses and donkeys, a street market with female vendors sitting on ground, various primitive hand driven machines. - Clipper taking off, HA over Dominica, Ozama Fortress on mountain top, rugged coastline, HA Santo Domingo, good shots of Clipper landing in water, Columbus landing site and monument, Basilica Santa Maria la Menor, MS bells on top, ruins of castle of Diego Columbus. - Clipper taking off, flying, shots in cockpit, people eating at table while in flight, HA San Juan, Puerto Rico, street scene, street stairs, various Morro Fortress. Two engine Clipper takes off and flies away. HAs over St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Barbados Islands, dory lands in choppy water, supplies carried on heads up steep stairway. HAs, St. Johns, Antigua Islands and Trinidad. Various Port of Spain, street scenes, Hindu priests, woman bathing child in large pail, sugar cane plantation, primitive loading cane systems, ox carts, trains, windmill, women carry cane stalks on heads, rollers in the mill crushing cane stalks, young boys eating sugar cane, ZI windmill vanes turning.
19:22:14 - 19:30:25 - Clipper takes off, passengers look out window. HAs over Orinoco river, Georgetown capitol of British Guiana, rice fields of Dutch Guiana. Clipper lands in Paramaribo, PAN from water, the governor's palace, Statue Queen Wilhelmina, streets scenes, woman wearing Spanish clothing, River Potaro waterfalls. In the forest the bush negroes village, men playing put and take game, sugar cane squeezed on primitive press, making bread, woman bathing child in a pot, men pulling hardwood log over roller, men chopping very big tree, PAN up tree, tree falling, team of water buffalo pulling log thru forest. Good shots and CUs of men in dugout canoes going thru rapids.
19:30:48 - 19:39:24 - LS sailboat in ocean. HA Belem, Brazil, instrument panel Clipper while flying, PAN Clippers on airport loading mail sacks, HA POVs Amazon river, desert sand, out plane windshield as plane turns and lands in water, PAN sail fishing boats in harbour, men in fishing village working to pull in net from ocean onto beach, CU legs working in sand, villagers carrying fish. - Clipper flies over and lands in water in San Salvador, HA fishing boats at dock, boat sailing, various buildings, churches, airplane Caribbean Clipper being worked on in hangar. - HAs Rio De Janeiro, statue Jesus in mountain top.
19:39:37 - 19:48:34 - Propeller engine start, pilot pushes throttle, CU plane's wheel rolling on runway. C47? takes off, good shot as it flies over Santiago, POV Andes mountains, CU radio key as radioman on plane taps. Various, plane flying over and shots of the mountains, steward in aisle, single seats on both side, weather men mountain, statue Christ of the Andes, POV pane window Aconcagua peak, good LSs plane flying thru mountains, lowers wheels and lands, CU Lindbergh, CU propeller rotating.

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