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Buffalo Bill and the Wild West - Newsreels early 1900's various subjects

00:03:22:24 - 00:05:34:29 "Alexander Graham Bell"- telephone - CU of Alexander Graham Bell with beard and cap talking to camera and shot of Bell with wife and holding a child on his arm. "Teddy Roosevelt and his heroic... riders"- army parade - Shot of military band marching in street followed by Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders on horseback and a CU of Teddy Roosevelt. "Mme. Marie Curie" - Shot Mme Marie Curie at lab bench and CU of side of her face. "Thomas Alva Edison" - CU of Thomas Alva Edison in the back of an open touring car. "Govenor-elect Woodrow Wilson"- photographers taking pictures of the Governor - Shot of Woodrow Wilson sitting in a chair outdoors surrounded by men and shot of photographers with large cameras shooting this scene. "Chicago as the Gay' 90s"- busy streets / traffic / trams pulled by horses - Panoramic shots of very early autos riding along main street, sign painted on side of 4 story building "United States Tire Company" and shot of busy thoroughfare crowded with people and cars with a horse drawn streetcar, filled with people, passing by. "San Francisco of the virile"- busy street w/traffic and trams - Various shots from the front of a 1900's San Francisco trolley as it rolls along as cars, horse drawn carriages and people cross its path.

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