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Edited news stories - Mass graves

00:11:11 - 00:12:00 Voice over in Arabic MWS of Iraqi walking around a series of sand mounds from a dug out mass graves, plastic bags containing human remains, a couple women in black hijab with pictures of deceased men, MCU and Cu of skulls clothing and shoes, men working around the various remains, a woman sitting alone by a crypt of newly dug out grave, another woman crouching by a plastic bag filled with human remains, a couple of women and a girl sat by a mound.

00:12:01 - 00:13:14 CU of A white haired Iraqi man with mustache talking to the camera in Arabic, CU of another man wailing, Voice over, WS of a man taking a statue of Saddam off its base, MWS a man carrying a plastic bag containing human remains, MWS of a few men going through rows of lined up plastic bags of human remains, MWS of men gathered around rows of bagged human remains, a woman wailing in a distant, CU of a finger pointing out at a gun shot in a skull, MS of a man holding the skull.

00:13:15 - 00:13:51 Mass graves found in Iraq - Saddam victims - MCU of a plastic bag with some kind of device laid next to it, women crying, Voice over, three men on top of a car one with a loud speaker being surrounded by a small crowds, a previous man showing a skull with some hair remains, men going through different bags with human remains, MCU of the reporter standing with the background of the mass grave unearthing.

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