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Bell Telephone Film

Young boy seen peaking his head through a hole in a wooden fence. Similar shot with young girl then back to young boy. WS of three children peaking through holes in a fence at various heights. Shot from the back as we see the three young children peering through holes in fence. ZO from three children as the building in front of them under construction can be seen.

MCU of yellow “Building to serve you and your family better sign”. Young boy sits on ground in his bedroom speaking on a red, rotary style phone. Young girl lays on bed and speaks on a purple rotary style phone. Housewife dials white phone rotary phone in kitchen. Man on phone in suit surrounded by blueprints. Farmer walks up to black phone and picks up, cow, barn and silo can be seen to right of shot. Man using pay phone next to highway as cars rush by. Baby in crib in crib looks around

Construction freight elevator moves up building. Phone company workers stand by wall of telephone line connections. Workers unrolling phone cables from large wheel under the street. WS of steel building skeleton. Interior of warehouse with cart moving down aisle full of supplies.

Storekeeper ringing up customer, old style register. Police officers helps kids across the street. Various shots of radar arrays and domes, group of men using phones. Bell telephone sign. CU of beige rotary telephone. Man sits with family in 1950s style living room and picks up the phone. Shot of woman in bed sleeping soundly next to pink rotary telephone on night table. CU of pink telephone on night table. WS of U.S. Army Nike Hercules missile battery. Shot of men and women working on computer launching system. Two shots of radar types on tower spinning and searching for targets. Men and women working on radar guidance system in a workshop. Man slowly detached large dish on radar unit. MCU of two women testing various connections in radar computer with voltage meters and slide circuit boards back into main unit. Shot of inside of radar mechanisms as it spins, operator pushes button on machine to increase speed. Man in a large winter coat tests radar equipment inside a cold room. Shot of two men testing radar nose cone while it shakes rapidly.

WS of Nike Hercules missile on launch pad, missile launches and takes off. WS of Titan missile on testing launch pad, missile ignites and launches. Several CU shots of the missile in flight as it gains vertical altitude. WS of small pleasure craft on the sea. Large ship retrieving nose cone of Hercules missile, shots of men on deck.

Shot of men and women working on missile guidance computer. Shots of three Nike Hercules missiles on launch pad as soldier looks on. CU on white rotary phone. WS pull-out of man on telephone with family in 50s style living room. Fade to black.

Shot of a woman from underneath a glass table as she counts seeds. Two male scientists, one with bowtie examine large crystal grown from seeds. CU of white rotary phone. Woman wearing a blue dress with a pink cardigan sits on a blue chair and speaks on a pink rotary phone. Animation of the voice waves on bottom of screen. Animation of voice waves going across the screen with an orange background.
CU of female hand holding quartz crystals. Shot of women sitting in a row behind switchboard and talking to callers and rerouting calls to extensions. Female scientist examines several stacked quartz crystals in a metallic frame. Female hand handles quartz crystals. Two male scientist place crystal seeds into pressure cooker. Scientist places chemical solution into pressure cooker and closes top of pressure cooker. Animation of seed turning into crystal, various layer can be seen in animation. Scientist handles newly made crystals wearing lab coat, protective head gear and brown rubber gloves. Crystals are cut with a diamond saw to thin pieces. Man creates a form to modify crystals. Female hand points to crystals inside a piece of hardware used for telecommunications. Three male scientists examine newly formed crystals as they come out of pressure cooker. ZI of woman in blue dress with pink cardigan talks on a beige rotary phone.

Tom Shirley stands by a door that reads “Dial System Central Office”. Man opens to and fade to reveal high rows of telephone system machinery. ZI on small conductor moving left and right. Fade to female hand making a call on a brown rotary phone. CU of heart rate machine read-out. WS of female operators in a row connecting calls to extensions. Three men observe high stacks of telephone machinery. MCU of woman in a blue dress speaking on yellow, kitchen wall style, rotary phone. Elderly woman speaks to woman on using a white rotary style telephone. MCU woman speaking on yellow phone.

Quick CU of telephone system machinery moving back and forth. MCU of Tom Shirley again speaking about the fun of receiving and making telephone calls.

Elderly woman in kitchen reading from a cookbook and talking on a red, rotary style telephone. Man stands in living room talking on a blue, rotary style telephone. Shot of young girl laying in her bed talking on a beige style rotary phone.

Tom Shirley again coming out of the “Dial System Central Office” door speaking about the enjoyment of receiving phone calls from friends and family. Fade to woman in kitchen speaking on a yellow phone. Woman laughs and fade out.

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