Research Process And Fees

After an initial consultation so that we can assess and define the assignment, the research work commences, usually divided into two to three basic phases.

Phase - I Research and ordering of screening materials

Major research begins. Resources are directed towards locating footage and photos that are specific to a project's wish list and timeline. GIW will coordinate and send all research results and screening/preview materials to you. During this phase, GIW will begin a dialogue with the copyright holders and obtain initial estimated licensing fee ranges.

Phase - II Additional Research and Screeners (optional)

Often when editing is underway, editorial will have additional wish list requests

Phase - III Master Orders, Licensing and Contract Administration

Upon completion of an approved final edit, you will provide us with a list itemizing each shot to be licensed. The list will be comprised of at minimum in and out time codes for each shot you would like to license, a short description of each shot and the copyright holders reference number associated with each shot to be licensed. GIW will then submit a formal request to copyright holders and finalize negotiations of license fees based on actual footage and photos used. Upon your approval of fees, GIW, in your behalf, will secure the license agreements and invoices from the copyright holders and submit them to you for payment and signatures. GIW will follow through with you and the Licensors to ensure all the agreements are fully executed and paid.


Research Fees are charged based on requirements of the assignment. The factor determining the research fees are:

  • The nature of the assiignment
  • The production schedule

We charge as follows

  • An hourly fee
  • An all-in per project fee
  • A weekly or monthly retainer fee

Global ImageWorks also offer a variety of other services, such as Rights & Clearance Services, Music & Media Supervision, Script Reports, and other production support services, all of which are available for additional cost. For further questions and information please contact Jessica Berman-Bogdan at: or call 201-384-7715.