Dazzing Dogs and Fabulous Felines Demo Reel

It's raining cats and dogs at Global ImageWorks with the addition of over 20 hours of dazzling dogs and fabulous feline footage including surfing, boogie boarding and waterskiing dogs, championship Frisbee dogs, Doggie derby, diving for cheese and VCR dog, cat shows, cat painting, basket rolling, as well as Mardis Gras and St. Patrick's Day parades with costumed and decked out pets. Dog breeds run the gamut from Beagles to Rottweilers and cats from Abyssinians to Tonkinese with rarely seen breeds such as Bombays, Chinese Crested, St. Bernards, Cornish Rex and Irish Setters. There is extensive footage of little puppies and kittens enough to fulfill any need for cute baby animals.

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