Lost Civilizations

Lost Civilizations Demo Reel

Lost worlds live again. 7,000 years of history now available for licensing.

All original location cinematography shot on film in 25 different countries, all digitized, clipped and ready for you to use in your next production!

Explore the land of the Bible - Discover the magnificent riches of the pharaohs - Follow the myths of the ancient Mediterranean world - Uncover a genuine Shangri-la - Enter the lives of classical Greek civilization - Witness the glory of ancient China's artifacts - Experience Rome at its zenith - Follow the legendary Inca roads - Learn about the hidden history of Africa's great coastal kingdoms.

Lost Civilizations features incredible locations, monuments and landscapes, as well as fully produced dramatic recreations of events and rituals, cutting edge digital effects, and up close and personal experiences in the world's oldest markets and bazaars.

Ancient worlds live again when you license footage from Lost Civilizations

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