Global Warming Yours Is The Land

Yours Is The Land - TFA-118D A film about conservation of the earth made in 1949 by the Conservation Foundation and the New York Zoological Society global warming, glacier, glaciers, snow, ice, melting, environment, Zoom in on rotating earth, farm with waving grass in wind, eroded field, hillside with rutted ground, ruts, erosion, waves rolling into beach, snowed covered mountains reflected in lake, glacier, snow melting in stream, crashing waves, billowing clouds, snow covered mountain peaks, rock and rubble covered hillside, glacier grinding rock down valley. ice covered by ground up rock at foot of glacier, glacial streams washing rock and dirt, tiny lichen, glacial lake, downstream, clear brook, sand beds, silt, acid dissolves minerals, growing lichen time lapse, soil is produced, plants grow, organic matter is created to support small tree, rock into dirt, time lapse plant growing, sprouting bean, chlorophyll, insects convert plants into soil, worms, cliff showing topsoil layers, water lily on pond, pickerel weed, cypress trees, climax species in forest, nature's plan, new life depends on death of old, steel head trout spawning upstream, up waterfall, plow plowing field, forests, waterfalls, birds, rabbits, cow chewing, moose eating plants, owl antelope in mountains, balance of nature, map of world, painting of cavemen, dawn of modern civilization, farm workers with hoes, man behind horse drawn plow, farm machinery, harvester, dredge, tractor, combine, axe chopping tree, large tree falling in forest, trees falling, burning clearing, mining stork flying, lake and mountains, smoke belching factory, forest fire,devastation, erosion, bare earth, water spout, tornado, wind, dry dusty land, dust storm, flood, wind blowing dirt, eroded fields, camels, cow skeleton, desert, forest, tree stumps, polluted streams, graph showing productive parts of earth, tractor pulling farm machine, barren land, men in field talking and pointing, what does conservation mean, tractor with hay baling machine, topsoil eroded, chain of life, tree falling, stumps, picturesque farm, country church, large refinery, airplane over large city, atomic bomb blast, cracked soil, two girls getting mail from rural mailbox, haystacks, forest fire devastation, floods, destruction of the earth, two girls walk down country lane. text of conservation pledge.

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