Nature/Wildlife World's Poultry Congress

World's Poultry Congress. World's Poultry Congress in Ottawa, 1927 . 1920s, Canada, Ottawa, World's Poultry Congress, fighting chickens, Canadian Parliament Buildings, Governor General Viscount Willingdon, exhibition opening on August 27th, dignitaries arriving at exhibition, Viscount and Viscountess Willingdon and Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King getting out of car, Minister of Agriculture W.R. Motherwell and Mrs. Motherwell, Minister of Agriculture of Ontario John S. Martin and Mrs. Martin, General Director and President Elect of the 1930 Poultry Congress Fred C. Elford, Congress President Edward Brown, Congress Secretary Ernest Rhoades, crowd of delegates, exhibition halls, poultry on display outside, Gallus Bankiva on display, jungle fowls of India, Professor E.A. Lloyd and Professor V.S. Asmundsen with world's official record hen owned and bred by University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Silver Seabright Bantam owned by K.F. Nelson of Palmyra, New Jersey, Buff Cochin owned by C.H. Tyler of Beverly, Massachusetts, Rose Comb Black Bantam owned by Harry Martin of St. Thomas, Ontario, Light Sussex owned by Ian B. Gow of Cobham, Surrey, England, Barred Dumpie owned by J.W. Brown of Glasgow, Scotland, Black Langshan owned by Nick Weberr of Terre Haute, Indiana, Russian Orloff owned by George Urban of Buffalo, New York, White Crested Black Polish owned by A. Moreaux, Ede, Holland, Single Comb Rhode Island Red owned by Owen Farms, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, Naked Neck owned by Miss G.E. Hollister of Suffern, New York, Light Brahma of Mrs. G.C.B. Hamer of Southport, Connecticut, Bronze Turkey owned by R. R. Robins of Pendennis, Manitoba, Black Cochin Bantam owned by George A. Thompson of Halifax, N.S., Black Tailed Japanese Bantam owned by Reverend George S. Hammond of Comber, Ontario, White Wyandotte owned by John S. Martin of Port Dover, Ontario, Silver Wyandotte owned by W.f. Garland of Ottawa, Ontario, Single Comb Black Minorca owned by P.H. Marineau of Three Rivers, Quebec, Silver Gray Dorking owned by A.J. Major of Langley, Bucks, England, Chanticler owned by Brother M. Wilfried of La Trappe, Quebec, White Frizzle owned by Major G.T. Williams owned by Tredrea, Cornwall, England, Black Silkie owned by Miss C.A. Taylor owned by Newdigate, Surrey, England, Red Cap owned by O.H. Young of Golders Green, London, England, Indian Game owned by L. Adern of Hatt, Cornwall, England, Barred Plymouth Rock owned by University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C., Modern Black Red Game owned by J. Sivell of Brechfa, Carmarthenshire, Wales, Barred Plymouth Rock owned by A. C. McCulloch of Winnipeg, Manitoba, child picking up baby chicks shipped by University of British Columbia from Vancouver to Ottawa, White Wyandotte exhibited by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, The Prince of Wales, Prince George and Premier Baldwin visiting Poultry Congress, Prince of Wales and Prince George standing together, fighting Aseels from Lucknow, India

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