Pop Culture and Teenagers Dance Dance Dance -women in various outfits

01.08.23 – 01.08.24 CU of Arabian knight and horse as they approach the tent 01.08.25 – 01.09.04 Blond woman dressed like a Genie pulls out veils from a pot and lets them blow in the wind, then gyrates on her lounge doing a dance of the seven veils and takes off her top, placing it in the pot where the veils were held 01.09.05 – 01.09.09 Arabian Knight arrives in the tent. CU on his feet, Genie continues to dance. 01.09.10 – 01.09.12 Shot of the ocean through the tent, a veil floats in the breeze. 01.09.13 – 01.09.33 Rocket Ship blasts off and then in mid air, it explodes 01.09.34 – 01.09.38 Blond, with her hair up, wearing large diamond earrings, a fur coat, and a cur bikini smiles seductively at the camera 01.09.39 – 01.09.48 Brunette in a green one-piece bathing suit (with a flower up the center), and a sheer jacket comes on to the stage, dancing towards the camera. 01.09.49 – 01.09.55 Brunette exits and a second brunette in white bell bottoms, and a halter top comes on the stage, dancing towards the camera 01.09.56 – 01.10.02 Second brunette exits as a blond in a silver lame bikini and a sheer pink jacket comes on the stage, dancing towards the camera 01.10.03 – 01.10.08 Blond exits as a second blond in yellowish one piece, polka dot sheer parka, and sun hat comes on stage and dances towards the camera 01.10.09 – 01.10.13 Blond in black bikini, a large black hat and a black camisole dances for the camera 01.10.14 – 01.10.23 People dancing at a house party. 01.10.24 – 01.10.28 CU of shimming silver/white tank top, camera pans out to MS of back of brunette dancing 01.10.29 – 01.10.33 Man in smoking jacket watching a blond woman in white sleeveless top go go dancing 01.10.34 – 01.10.36 CU of shaking backside of a woman wearing a white dress. 01.10.37 – 01.10.38 Brunette in sleeveless white sequined top dancing 01.10.39 – 01.10.41 Man in smoking jacket watching brunette woman dancing. He has a dirty smile on his face 01.10.42 – 01.10.44 Brunette in sleeveless white sequined top dancing 01.10.45 – 01.10.46 CU of blond dancing. Wearing a lot eye make-up. 01.10.47 Brunette with plunging neck line talking/dancing to a man 01.10.48 – 01.10.50 CU of woman’s midriff 01.10.51 – 01.10.55 Man in smoking jacket dancing and smiling 01.10.56 – 01.11.00 CU of woman with a bra on, taking off her skirt – face cannot be seen 01.11.01 – 01.11.02 ECU of mans mouth twitching 01.11.03 – 01.11.04 ECU of woman chest (with a bra/bikini top on) 01.11.05 – 01.11.08 Man in smoking jacket dancing and smiling 01.11.09 – 01.11.13 CU of Woman seductively eating a grape 01.11.14 – 01.11.15 CU of man in smoking jacket notices the woman 01.11.15 – 01.11.16 CU of Woman seductively eating a grape – camera does a quick pan in and out 01.11.17 – 01.11.29 Camera jumps cuts quickly between the man and woman, with the camera panning quickly in and out 01.11.30 – 01.11.41 CU of Blond with heavy eye make-up smiling. The camera pans out to show man in smoking jacket apparently talking to her. She walks away, showing the man in smoking jacket talking to someone else

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