Global Warming Wind Farms Tehachapi Mountains, California

2015 - Wind Farms (matching photos are also available) Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC), also known as Mojave Wind Farm, is the third largest onshore wind energy project in the world. The Alta Wind Energy Center is a wind farm located in Tehachapi Pass of the Tehachapi Mountains, in Kern County, California. As of 2013, it is the largest wind farm in the United States,with a combined installed capacity of 1,547 MW (2,075,000 hp). The project, being developed near Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm— site of the first large-scale wind farms installed in the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s—is "a powerful illustration of the growing size and scope of modern wind projects 00:00:00 - Time lapse of clouds moving across blue sky with bright sun. Wind farm - various wide and medium and close up shots of the wind farm with hills behind it Train carrying container cars travels in foreground. WInd turbines in background. 00:02:15 - good shots of turbines on various hills in the desert, some shots with transmission lines 00:03:15 - nice close ups of wind turbines 00:03:25 - low angles with green desert foliage (cactus) in foreground and wind turbines in background on hill 00:04:24 - CU of Union Pacific railroad car parked in foreground with wind turbines seen rising behind it (road sign says No Parking) good shot of traffic on highway with large wind turbines rotating in background 00:06:20 - beauty shots of desert plants/foliage 00:06:35 - wide shots of traffic on highway 00:06:47 - more wind turbines

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Tehachapi, Mojave, California, United State, North America


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