Universal International Newsreel 1957

Dust Bowl: President Inspects Drought Territory "Pres. Eisenhower, getting a first-hand look at the appalling drought conditions in Texas, Oklahoma and other western states, talks to farmers who have suffered through years of parched lands and returns to Washington with a program of help for the stricken states." President Dwight Eisenhower and aides on airplane; aerial view of farmland. On the ground, Ike checks out the dry soil and tumbleweeds. News in Brief: Suez Clearing Rushed. Latest film from the strife-torn Middle East, where clearing of the Suez Canal results in freeing of several freighters, and where thousands who fled during the invasion return to Port Said. Egyptian families disembark from train (returning home). At harbor, men attempt to clean off a boat that looks to be in terrible condition. A ship navigates the waters. News in Brief: Air Force Hangar Fire. Four aircraft including a giant Globemaster are destroyed or damaged in pre-dawn hangar blaze that takes big toll in vital planes. VS damaged, smoldering wreckage, firefighters playing hoses on the machines though flames are no longer visible. Fireman inspect one of the ruined hulks of aircraft. News in Brief: Light-weight Helicopter. New bantam 'egg-beater' goes for test flight at Hughes plant. The cameraman gets a dizzy ride as small craft displays amazing maneuverability - and amazing safety features. Pretty fun subjective POV from inside helicopter as it swoops and spins - dizzying. News in Brief: Four-footed 'Stars' On Lot. Studio executives and pretty starlet welcome handsome Clydesdale horses of brewery fame to the lot. It's a red-carpet welcome for handsome steeds and mascot. Budweiser (?) Clydesdales. Universal Pictures Chairman of the Board joins other executives in petting the horses. Miss Sweden (later Miss Universe) Ingrid Goude kisses a horse, climbs up onto horse-drawn coach (difficult in her tight dress). News in Brief: Five-mile Cable Car. So steep are the slopes to the Hotel Humboldt atop Mount Avila that it can only be reached by cable car - whose inaugural run provides a breath-taking panorama of Caracas. Venezuela's President Marcos Perez Jimenez does the honors at ribbon-cutting ceremony. Views of the modern hotel, cable car, passengers, the city. Sports: Golden Gloves Boxing. "Round two in the Golden Gloves brings further fistic fury for fight fans, with young hopefuls tossing leather with plenty of pep. A sizzling knock-out winds up the exciting show." Two white guys fight, one flailing for all he's worth. Two other men fight, lots of punches landed. Young male spectator gets into it, excited body language. Man smoking cigar in crowd. Knockout right near camera, which is aimed upward toward the ring.

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