Universal International Newsreel 1953

Aviation in the News: Once again aviation hangs up a new record-this time better than twice the speed of sound. The Douglas Skyrocket flashes across the stratosphere at 1,326 miles an hour. In the meantime a new light pusher plane makes its bow in California, capable of a speed of 200 miles an hour and a cruising range of 500 miles. CUS - Scottie Cross Field test pilot inspecting his plane. Air to Air shot - Douglas Skyrocket in flight. CUS - Another new plane Sierra. CUS - Pilot gets himself into the plane. CUS - A man turning the propeller by hand in order to get it started. MCUS - The Sierra taking off from the tarmac. Royal Journey: West Indies Hail Queen Elizabeth: On her world tour of Dominions, Queen Elizabeth receives a rousing welcome in Jamaica from both dignitaries and an enthusiastic island populace, before she resumes her voyage to the Fiji Islands. MCUS - Queen Elizabeth coming down the stairs from the plane. MCUS - A crowd of ladies applauding the Queens arrival. MCUS - Sir Hugh Foot, Governor General of the island greets Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. MLS - Queen Elizabeth reviews the guard of honor. MLS - Throngs of people are jammed packed in the street to greet the queen. MCUS - Queen Elizabeth II planting a cotton wood tree Venezuela's New Buildings: President Jimenez dedicates two new buildings, the nutrition center and the ministry of the interior in the republic's new $300,000,000 Rockefeller Center. Land of oil and progress. Caracas, Venezuela. MCUS - President Jimenez walking with his aids. CUS - Little Children all dressed up cheering for President Jimenez. MLS - The new Ministry of the Interior Building, camera pans to see the throngs of people on the street. CUS - President Jimenez cutting a ribbon. Flight to Freedom: Two young Czechs, neither of whom had ever flown a powered plane, Purloin a sports plane and crash land in Bavaria, unable to stand iron curtain oppression any longer. Establishing shot - Two young Czechs checking out their getaway plane in a farming field. CUS - One of the Czechs turning the propeller of the plane checking it out and looking at the damaged end. MCUS - The two Czechs looking in the window of the plane. Polio Scout Honored: Polio Scout Honored John Ederer, 12 year old polio victim, gets the thrill of his life as his fellow scouts attend the Curt of Honor at the hospital where he is awarded his Star Scout Badge. MCUS - Boy Scouts walking into Orthopedic hospital to honor one of their scouts who was stricken with polio. MCUS - A nurse is wheeling young John in a wheel chair to meet with his friends. CUS - His fellow boy scouts give their buddy a heartfelt salute. MCUS - The Scoutmaster gives John a scroll of good will that he earned before he was stricken with polio. CUS - John is given a green robe with his merit badges, his buddies help him on with the robe. CUS - John shaking hands with his fellow scout mates. Army Navy Game: my rolls over a valiantly battling Navy 20 to 7. Pat Uebel and Pete van Lead a triumphant touchdown march that the navy is unable to stem in their 54th meeting. Establishing shot - Navy mid-shipmen battalion marching and forming ranks in the center of the football field. MLS - Football stadium crowd, throngs of fans. MCUS - King Paul and Queen Federica sit among the football fans. Ground to Air shot - A helicopter that reads Army beat Navy. MLS/OH - The football game begins, Army kicks off, Navy receives and fumbles, the fumble is recovered. MCUS/OH - Pat Uebel scores a touchdown. Back Shot - Army men waving their hats and jumping up and down. MCUS/OH - Uebel gets the ball runs around and scores another touchdown. MCUS/OH - Navy kicks off, Uebel catches the ball and runs it all the way down field for a touchdown, a 70 yard returned unprecedented feat for the 18 year old. Notre Dame Takes On The Trojans: Football Notre Dame swamps USC 48 to 14 in an inter-sectional game with Lattner of the Irish running riot for four touchdowns. Hoe heap sparks the attack with a dazzling 94-yard touchdown in the first-quarter. MLS/OH - USC kicks the ball and it is picked up by the Irish and runs down the entire length of the field for a touchdown. MCUS/OH - The Trojans get their counter attack rolling by picking up an Irish punt for 43 yards. MCUS - Football fans waving things and cheering. MCUS - Lattner picks up a lobbed ball and takes it in for a touchdown. MCUS - Lattner takes another football runs 48 yards and scores his 4th touchdown. Notre Dame wins 48 to 14.

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