Times Square in the 1980s

Close-up of Sony TV in Times Square; zoom out to reveal busy street at night. Close-up of sign that says "YOU ARE HERE, 42ND ST / BROADWAY". Close-up of screen with illuminated red apple. Close-up of screen that says "TIMES SQUARE SHOW" followed by animation of hands and text. Shot of man moving through crowd handing out flyers while wearing a big TV frame around his upper body. Shot of city sidewalk with people walking, talking, a man protesting and a marquis overhead advertising an adult show. Shot of two Asian mannequins. Shot of flashing screen with two cartoon characters kissing. Shot of Playland from outside with blinking lights then cameraman walks in. Montage of shots of people playing various video games at different angles (close-ups, profile, wide, etc.). Shot of small person with a mask on dancing in the middle of a busy sidewalk. Montage of different marquis'/screens with flashing lights and animation. Cut to store windows displaying "going out of business" signs and the like. Shot of masked and costumed individuals playing around on the sidewalk in a crowd. Shot of video game screen. Time lapses of busy Times Square night traffic. Point-of-view shot from front of train in subway tunnel system. Close-up of "A" line symbol on subway train car. Medium shot of the subway conductor while operating train. Artistic shot from underneath passenger as they hold on to ceiling strap in subway and then yawn. Montage of point-of-view from front of subway car shots; an image of a person from outside of window sitting inside subway car fades in and out during this montage. Very dark close-up of man's face as he looks out window. More tunnel POV shots. Another shot of the train conductor. Another shot of dark "A" line symbol. Shot from inside subway pans from right to left showing passengers as the train slows to a stop. Shot from outside subway at the stop of red lights coming on, doors opening, people filing out of the car, and people going up stairs.

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