The Battle Ahead

The Battle Ahead. United States Navy film about the ongoing combat between the U.S. Navy and Japanese Armed Forces during World War II.. 1940s, World War II, United States Navy, Bureau of Aeronautics, Secretary of Navy James Forrestal seated at desk and speaking about ongoing war with Japan, Admiral Ernest King speaking about need for American loyalty and support to achieve victory and future navy demobilization, navy battleships / aircraft carriers, marines on ships readying weapons, airplane taking off from carrier, American Navy ships making way from Pearl Harbor to Okinawa on route to Tokyo, combat between American Navy and Japanese armed forces, marines / soldiers running ashore from boats, map showing Guadalcanal, Bougainville, New Guinea, Tarawa, Saipan, Palaw, Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, map superimposed over Navy ships, arrow pointing from San Francisco to Okinawa, combat between American Navy and Japanese bombers, American Navy ships firing near Tokyo, ships firing at Japanese bombers, Japanese bombers being shot and going down in flames, marines loading guns, marines using hoses to put out fires on carrier deck from Japanese bombers, dead bodies of Japanese soldiers lying on ground, Japanese soldiers marching, Japanese Army tanks, military parade, Japanese Army trucks, Japanese soldiers running with bayonets drawn, combat between American and Japanese soldiers, dead body of Japanese soldier burning, soldier throwing grenade, grenade explosion, soldiers climbing down ship rope ladder, soldiers traveling in landing craft, soldier in tank, soldiers running onto beachhead, tank coming ashore, planes on aircraft carrier, soldiers traveling in landing crafts, guns, rockets, ammunition, pontoon, floating dry dock, octane gasoline, rope being used to transport injured man, shipyard, damaged ship, textile factory, steel mill, weapons being fabricated, ships firing guns and traveling through ocean, war plant, shipyard, workers walking into building, factory, American flag on ship deck, Fleet Admiral Chester William Nimitz sitting at desk and speaking about American Navy's progress against Japan

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