The 90's, episode 204: Around the World and On The Edge

06:10 "Village in Irian Jaya" by Mary Lou Witz. A home video shot by Witz, an American psychologist, while on vacation in Indonesia. In a tribal village the women work in the fields and carry produce to the market while men sit around and smoke. Witz claims that the reason for this is that the men pay between seven and twenty pigs for a bride, so the women must repay them in labor. We watch villagers slaughter a pig, start a fire by rubbing a piece of rattan between two twigs, and roast a pig in honor of a visitor. 08:37 "Nicaraguan Baseball" by Joe Angio. At the Stanley Cayasso Baseball Tourney in Managua we watch pre-game food preparation, baseline chalking, and we meet Keith Wesley Downs, a bat boy who brings his team good luck by dancing around each base with a baby doll. 18:01 "Moscow Artists" by Skip Blumberg. Blumberg visits the Russian countryside with the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. They participate in a ceremony honoring the independence of "nonofficial artists." Paintings are lined up in the snow and then thrown into a river as a symbol of artistic freedom. David Ross is the organizer. 23:41 "Moscow Violinist" by Skip Blumberg. At a Russian dinner celebration, many people sit at a table with a huge array of food, drink and noise. They are entertained by a stunt violinist who is able to continue playing no matter how his body is contorted. 27:06 "President George H. W. Bush in Oakwood, California" by Nancy Cain. Bush visits this coastal neighborhood to bestow an award while residents protest over the lack of subsidized housing in the area. We meet a woman who lives with her grandmother because she can 't find affordable housing for herself and her three kids. This reality contrasts greatly with the extreme level of security observed by the President and highlights his distance from the real problems of the American people. 33:34 "A Visit to a Collective Apartment" by Skip Blumberg. Four families and an old woman share a flat in Moscow. Blumberg investigates how the close living quarters affect the people involved. 39:50 "Burmese Guerrilla Training" by Andrew Jones. At Thy Baw Bo Pass at the Burma/Thailand border, the Karin Guerrillas are training. For the past forty years they have been involved in a Civil War against Burma's military government. Since the military takeover of September 18, 1988 they have been joined by Burmese students who are training in combat technique with the hope of establishing underground movements to overthrow the current regime and establishing true democracy. A spokesman describes the training and the students' regular nonviolent demonstrations. He explains that the military government does not tolerate any dissent, and regularly shoots unarmed demonstrators with machine guns or detains them indefinitely in jail. 44:43 "Kakania" by Karen Aqua. An animated music video. 48:19 "Land Wars in the Amazon" by Realis Pictures. In Brazil, clergymen become involved in the battle over the unjust distribution of land. 53:04 "Which Side Are You On?" by Bob Hercules and Dave Beaton. British singer / activist Billy Bragg tries to incite rebellion in Richmond, VA. "Driving around on weekends, drinking beer, and looking for members of the opposite sex is not rebellion, it's growing up. Rebellion is questioning the bullshit. I want to be informed about what's really happening. Silence is death of the spirit, the death of the soul, the death of the country."

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