The 90's, episode 105

1:11 Cameraperson walks through a cave 1:54 Skip Blumberg reports from Bristol, England. He shows us a very large bridge across a gulch. 9:36 Back to Skip Blumberg in England. Skip interviews a camera crew. 22:00 Sam from The Billy Goat Tavern in Chicago introduces The 90's. 22:12 Skip Blumberg in England goes to the Museum of the Moving Image. 26:51 Commercial for Lexington Composts. Time lapse photography of plants growing. 27:40 Skip Blumberg interviews an English youth about the future of the '90s. 29:20 Fred Branfman of Rebuild America talks about the direction of America's future. 31:17 "Joe, King of the Workers " cartoon. U.S. government propaganda about the strength of the American economy and our responsibility to buy things with the money we earn. 32:58 "Voices of Cabrini" by Fred Bridges. Bridges visits artist Anthony Hughes in Cabrini Green. "Cabrini Green is my home. It's always been my home. When most people think of Cabrini Green, they think of the drugs and the crime and every other negative thing you can think of. When I think of about it, I think about all the wonderful people who have meant so much to me in my life... I'm an artist, and what I try to do is to share these people with the world, so that they'll see that Cabrini Green is more than just the images you see in the media, but is real people. So through my art I try to share these real people with other real people." He shows us his realistic charcoal drawings of Cabrini Green residents. 36:34 Skip Blumberg, still in Bristol, shoots a group of students who are throwing flowers at Edward Colston's grave, the man who founded their school. 48:20 Skip Blumberg shows us the Southerly-most point in England. 50:28 Skip Blumberg reports on a censorship protest. The story is that there was an exhibition about AIDS in a gallery in New York. The funder threatened to cut money if some offensive material was not removed. The protesters feel that this is not only a censorship issue, it is about homophobia and bigotry. 57:04 Shots of animals in England over the end credits.

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