Ten Days In Tennessee

Ten Days In Tennessee. An episode in the Jack Douglas' America TV series which visits the state of Tennessee in the mid 1960s.. 1960s, Nashville, Tennessee, reconstructed replica of Fort Nashborough, statue of James Robertson and John Donelson, Nashville cityscape, Parthenon, Belle Meade Plantation, painted portrait of Iroquois, bullet and shell nicks in portico columns, Tennessee State Capitol, James Knox Polk gravesite, Andrew Jackson equestrian statue, the Hermitage / home of Andrew Jackson, painted portraits of Andrew and Rachel Jackson, original Hermitage log cabins and grounds, original dining room furniture, candelabra and dining room table, silver vegetable serving dish, bohemian wine decanters, chair and glasses in President's office / library, bed, painted portraits of Andrew Jackson's wife Rachel and granddaughter Rachel Jackson and stovepipe hat in master bedroom, Jackson family cemetery, car POV driving on tree lined Rachel's Lane, James K. Polk Ancestral Home, Portraits of James K. Polk and Sarah Childress Polk, antique music box, Greeneville, PAN townscape, Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, tailor shop, Andrew Johnson Memorial, inscribed stone and replica log cabin at Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park, Maryville, photo portrait of Sam Houston, Sam Houston schoolhouse, Tennessee Valley, Fort Loudoun, Shelbyville, Bedford County Courthouse, Wartrace, Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Grounds, Tennessee Walking horses grazing in paddock, horse being held by lead outside stable, regular speed and slow motion man riding Tennessee Walking Horse demonstrating distinct gaits in paddock, Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain Battlefield, entrance, sign, people at lookout with cannon and walking on grounds, photographs of General Grant, Hooker, and Bragg, cotton field with Memphis in distance, Front Street, Cotton Row, bales of cotton / snakes on street, Beale Street and Handy Avenue signs, Handy Park sign, W.C. Handy Park statue, painting of blues musicians, people dining at Justine's restaurant, formal silver place settings, plates of food, man serving himself food out of elegant bowl, car pulling into outdoor parking spot, Chucalissa Indian Village, Choctaw Native American man welcoming guests, people walking around prehistoric village and watching archeologist excavating site, torture frame, people entering burial grounds, skeletons in shallow graves, original wall paintings, Home of Casey Jones sign and home, engine No. 382 train, painted portrait of Casey Jones, exhibit displays, painting of Casey Jones train collision, gramophone playing Yankee Doodle Dandy, photograph of Casey Jones on board Cannonball Express train, Cherokee National Forest, fall foliage, waterfalls, car POV driving on road in Great Smokey Mountains, smokey haze at Great Smokey Mountains peak, Gatlinburg, people riding sky lift, sky lift crossing over busy street, stuffed bear on busy street, Candelier Candlemaking store sign, woman making candle, samples of finished candles, Pigeon Forge Pottery sign, pottery using clays and glazes from Smokey Mountain minerals, man making pottery with pottery wheel, The Wood Whittlers sign, men using equipment to make furniture, man whittling in chair, completed examples of whittling, City Limits sign next to road, Broom Shop sign, man making rounded handle brooms, Cades Cove valley, fence around valley, cemetery, gravestones, mill / waterwheel, Peter Cable Place marker and cabins, people purchasing honey on honor system, car driving on road alongside Cades Cove, artist sitting on car and sketching Cades Cove, See Mystery Hill sign, pumped water running uphill, gravity defying house, man walking in tilted house, man showing gravity oddity by using ball and sitting on chair suspended on wall, lush countryside, Smokey Mountain mist enveloping valley, Dayton, traffic on busy street, Robinsons drugstore, table with sign about Scopes Evolution Trial, photograph of John Scopes, Rhea County Courthouse, Scopes Evolution Trial courtroom

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