Global Warming SOLAR (Ivanpah & Barstow. California)

2015 - SOLAR panels (Ivanpah & Barstow. California) (photos to match are also available) 00:00:00 - IVANPAH SOLAR FIELDS (Solar Thermal plant. California) Ground views of The Ivanpah Solar Fields throughout the day from morning to sunset. The Ivanpah Electric Generating System is a concentrated solar thermal plant stretching into Mojave Desert, across state lines (Nevada and California). At sunset the last rays of the sun illuminate the hills which border the desert. Wide shots of traffic along the highway which cuts through the desert Footage shows various wide, medium and close ups of the solar fields and transmission lines. 00:00:50 - Good shot of sign on side of road "Welcome to The Heart of the Mojave" "Pulic lands Managed by Needles Field Office" Limited Use Area, Vehicle Use allowed only on signed open roads - no cross country travel. Another sign reads - "Pack It In, Pack It Out - Please Pack Out all trach - help keep our public lands clean!" 00:01:40 - Beauty shot of mountain range at golden hour of sunset Night shots 00:01:50 - Sign on side of road with arrow pointing to "ProGun Club" another sign says "Sure Fire Institute Las Vegas" 00:01:54 - Views of ACCIONA’s Nevada Solar One which is an environmentally friendly, renewable utility-scale power solution that creates power with near zero carbon emissions. Footage of the Copper Mountain Facility front gates seen.SIgn "Acciona Energy - Nevada Solar One at entry gate Wide shot of fields. Workmen. Medium and close up shots of solar fields various shots around the premises of the different solar panels 00:03:05 - The Mojave Solar Project (MSP) a concentrated solar power (CSP) facility in the Mojave Desert in California, about 20 miles (32 km) northwest of the town of Barstow. Views mostly at sunset from the interior of the field - entry gates to Copper Mountain Solar 2 solar plant. - railroad train traveling through desert carrying containers piled two high - out of focus, rack focus of power generating station - more railroad cars - more of power generating station - CU of solar panels from different angles 00:04:52 - sign on side of road "No Parking Environmentally Sensitive Area" several artistic beauty shots of the solar panels and the fields at golden hour of sunset

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