Rambling In Vienna

A tour of Vienna, Austria in the 1930s 03:00:00:19 Vienna, Austria PAN Vienna cityscape along Ringstrasse (Ring Boulevard) past Hofburg Palace to Burgtheater (National Theater, Castle Theatre or Imperial Court Theatre). Facade Temple of Theseus in Volksgarten park (Greek Architecture). HA Austrian Parliament Buildings near City Hall. Traffic cop (policeman) directing traffic on cobblestone street outside Ausseres Burgtor (outer castle gate) in Heldenplatz (Hero's Square, monument to unknown soldier). Facade Karlskirche (Charles Church) (Baroque Architecture). LS Votive Church at end of street (Gothic Architecture). TRACKING SHOT (Car POV) along Danube Canal (Donau Kanal), over bridge towards Urania w/ Prater Ferris Wheel in BG (old Vienna). 03:01:35:24 Vienna, Austria VS garbage men dumping trash into garbage truck, carrying empty garbage cans back into building. Chimney sweeper at work on rooftop, walking on city street. Car POV along crowded Kaerntnerring Boulevard (Kaerntnerring), past Grand Hotel w/ doorman & crowds of pedestrians walking along street. TD State Opera House Building. INT State Opera House, curtain opens, performance of Wagnerian Opera w/ people waving & dancing on stage. PAN facade Opera House to busy street of Kaerntnerstrasse. HA Kaerntnerstrasse street scene w/ traffic & pedestrians, St. Stephan Cathedral in BG. 03:03:12:29 Vienna, Austria VS policemen directing traffic. VS Car POVS along busy Vienna streets past shops & buildings, 1930s cars & pedestrians, dome of Hofburg Palace in BG. (good shots, street scenes, old architecture) 03:04:41:04 Vienna, Austria INT Bundes Council, President Wilhelm Miklas enters room & flips through papers at table. Opera composer Franz Lehr in his home practicing / composing on the piano w/ small bird on shoulder. CU Franz Lehr talking to small bird standing on his hand. VS women sewing intricate Pettipoint needlework (textile artists, embroidery, embroidering, arts and crafts, handicrafts) CU holding photographs next to needlework portraits showing skill in duplicating image. 03:06:01:24 Vienna, Austria Chestnut vendor selling chestnuts out of cart in winter. CU cracked-open chestnuts in cart. Chestnut vendor in winter wear putting on huge boots. Porter (Dienstmann) sitting next to building on street. Businessman leaves building through revolving doors & hands porter package to deliver. Shop workers / window dressers opening up large shop window from the outside. People walking into "Cafe Edison" coffeehouse. INT coffee house, waiter serving patrons, who sit & read while relaxing over cup of coffee. 03:07:41:14 Vienna, Austria INT large cafe, people dancing to musicians & sitting at tables. Women sitting at table pouring coffee & putting whipped cream on top (Schlagobers), also eating Viennese pastries (Viennese cuisine). HA young figure skating duo performing routine on outdoor ice rink. Young figure skating duo skating up to CAM & posing / smiling. VS crowded outdoor ice rink, couples twirling around on ice (great shots, ice skating, ice skaters, outdoor leisure activities, winter sports). Title card: "The End" 03:10:07:14 OUT

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