Pinehurst. A visit to the golfing town of Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1938. Pinehurst Village Chapel Church, The Pinehurst Theatre, many cars on village streets, houses, mansions and residences of golfers, Pinehurst resort hotel, women exists shop with golf clubs and gets into 1938 convertible, man exists news store to play golf, barber shop barber with golf clubs, two priests leave rectory with golf bags. Famous golfers tee off. Johnny Revolta drives golf ball, George Dunlap drives off green, Ed Dudley drives off of tee with crowd of fans behind. Jimmy Thompson. fans walking across green and watching, man drives a log put.Ed Dudley puts golf ball into cup, onlookers clap. spectator gallery walks to next tee Tailortown, home of the black caddies who work at Pinehurst Country Club. wooden houses, workers shacks, small corral with cow, black men running in front of house and down wooden stairway, men jump into taxi cab which drives away slowly, caddies in time clock line punching in for work, smiling wearing hats, long line of caddies, caddie carrying golf bag gives club to golfer and they walk away LS side view of Pinehurst Country club house with parking lot with many cars, rear of clubhouse, view of Maniac Hill from veranda of golfers warming up, start of North South golf tournament with spectators Denny Shute takes a swing, caddy standing with golf bag, Myron Nelson swings, Jimmy Thompson drives golf ball, Vic Ghezzi swings club, pan across fairway with spectators, Jim Thompson sinks putt from edge of green, Ed Duffy sinks put and gallery in suits and hats watch, Jimmy Hines looks at camera Fans move to 17th tee. Ralph Guldahl swings. Bobby Jones takes a photograph sitting on ground. Bobby Cruikshank hits golf ball. Gallery moves to 18th green, Vic Ghezzi misses put but wins tournament. Men shake hands. crowd walks away women golfer swings. Estelle Lawson Page hits golf ball. Dorothy Kirby. Virginia Hemphill, Helen Guilfoyle makes a putt, Virginia Hemphill hits out of sand trap Horton Smith shows putting technique using overlapping grip. Sinks long put. Tony Manero demonstrates chip shot onto green. Jimmy Thompson shows long golf drive with overlapping grip. CU golf ball on tee. Johnny Revolta shoot golf ball out of sand trap. Ball lands in cup. CU overlapping golf club grip. Denny Shute demonstrates iron shot off of tee. CU hands grip golf club. Vic Ghezzi shows stance for successful drive. Cu hands on club, CU driver with golf ball. Golfer drives golf ball directly at camera

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