Historic Travel Films Pan Am's World

The World of Pan American Airways in the 1970s

01:01:04 - 01:02:51 Four engine passenger jet overhead goes over runway guide for landing. Quick clips, band marching, jet taxiing, small outrigger sailing, Jet flying, harbour as ferry passes and Israeli cargo ship Har Boker passes, sign "Kurfurstendamm", CU Pan Am Boeing 707 Clipper Rainbow passes camera, facade Hotel Inter-Continental, sign "Hotel Indonesia", Pan Am attendant helping woman and children in terminal, communications office, stewardesses getting off bus, Clipper taking off, flying overhead.

01:02:52 - 01:04:34 Pan Am's World. Montage Indonesian lifestyles and culture. Buffalo pulling plow in muddy paddy, gaggle white geese, Indonesian women, some carrying baskets on heads, baby, bare breasted women in market. Various young female dancers, boy climbing tree, white cockatoo, rice paddy. CUs hand striking gong, dancer's hand wiggling, boy carving, a gargoyle type face, dancers, musicians, picturesque clip as native outrigger with sail passes in front of setting sun.

01:04:35 - 01:06:07 Paris Montage. - People on Eiffel tower, pigeon, MS back nude man stone statue, fountains in Parc Andre Citroen, family walking in park, young lady with large dog waiting at curb, policeman directing traffic, sign "Metro", MS Arc de Triomphe, people in street looking at art sales stands. Various in Hotel Inter-National, lobby, statues, crystal chandelier. Night LS Champs de Elyse to Arc de Triomphe, lit sign on building "Le Figaro", shop window. CU hand slicing cucumber. Chefs preparing food, CUs fancy foods on dishes, drinking red wine, sign for gates in terminal, Pan Am insignia on plane rudders, up to control tower, stairway to plane with "Aeroport de Paris", WS airport.

01:06:08 - 01:08:05 Polynesia Montage. Statues, buildings, photographer, grotesque figures, natives boats, hand showing small fish, native woman in hat, hand taking food from dish, POV down narrow canal with native boats and houses, resort bell and sign "Please ring for service", buildings, mechanic working on plane rudder, plane in repair hangar, lowering part, inspecting with mirror, tag on shirt "Inspector", radar gun and gyroscope being tested, circuit boards, radar screen, crew in simulator cockpit, simulator in motion, sign.

01:08:05 - 01:11:00 Greece Montage. - Belly dancer and band. HA LS countryside, bus stopped on road by flock of sheep, various Greek ruins, fisherman, city sights, CUs jewelry. Pan Am sign in Arabic and English "New York Direct Any Day", MS Libya airport tower, people waiting and pilot talking to stewardess, CU and tags "MEA Passenger Service", "Supervisor R. Hamandi Pan Am Consumer Action". HA house roofs, small boat harbour, power boats passing, Sydney Harbour Bridge, people in street walking, young lady in mini skirt, sign "City of Sydney - Pitt St", CU kangaroo, young ladies sitting on fountain edge, HA city with building sign "Pearl". Various people and buildings, surfers.

01:11:01 - 01:12:14 Japan montage, water cascading down thru rocks, women on wood bridge, Pagoda style building, women with obis walking on dirt road. Various neon signs, "Drink Coca Cola", "Pepsi", Japanese characters, at night building with flashing squares of light, sign "Ginza", lit globe advertising Crown Chocolates, MS facade Hotel Akura, people on swimming pool, building and sign "Caron", lit signs "Minolta" and Pan Am.

01:12:16 - 01:14:18 CUs young ladies Applying makeup, sliding down airplane emergency exit slide, in water with life raft and instructor. Picturesque shots, palm tree tops, rocky ledge over water, surf breaking against rocks. Middle aged ladies scurrying away from camera, people in water as waves flow to beach, CUs youngsters, various people on beach and in water, young lady making leis, various people wearing leis, Asian stewardesses, shoulder bag with Pan Am insignia.

01:14:18 - 01:17:06 Inside Boeing assembly plant, man talks and shows visitors assembly line of 707s. Various, planes on airport, 707 coming in for landing, man in tower

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