Pop Culture and Teenagers Union Pacific Railroad presents: “Last Clear Chance”

01:38:44 – 02:03:26 A funeral procession into a cemetery. A police officer gets out of his car and we hear his thoughts about the Dixon family. We see the story of Frank Dixon who was studying agricultural science, had a girl named Betty. His kid brother Allen gets his driver’s license and as he’s showing his family, the Officer arrives. He tells Allen the facts of life about car accidents, tells stories a reckless accident and hands him a brochure “Signs Of Life.” Frank and Betty come over to the group. Allen wants to go off driving and Frank and Betty go off to follow him. They wave to each other in their cars. Frank doesn’t see the warning lights that a train is coming and they are hit by the train. Frank is killed but Betty is put into an ambulance. Great shots of: 50’s cars; teenagers getting malts delivered to their car; teens driving a tractor; car driving over tracks as train approaches; teen in convertible being pulled over by officer; a roulette wheel spinning; car passing in a no passing zone and hits another car; 1950’s road signs; children crossing the street with a chaperone; downtown/main street; teenage driver trying to avoid being arrested for speeding loses control and goes off a hillside; couple in 19th century clothing riding a tandem bike; couple in 19th century clothing on a horse and buggy; couple driving a Model T in period clothing; fatigued driver on the highway swerving; shots of different potential accidents; shots of a train; shots of a police car with the sirens running; shots of state police officers saluting in different locations by state.

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