As Boys Grow - sex education film

AS BOYS GROW (TA-221) Coach (Gene Douglas): Joseph Miksak. Boys: From the Boys Clubs of San Francisco. Psychological Consultant: Wilfred M. Mitchell, Ph.D. Medical Consultants: Earle M. Marsh, M.D., DC Harrington, M.D. Written by: Hunter Ingalls. Produced by: D.M. Hatfield, Ph.D. Directed by: George Watson. Sex education film geared for teenage boys. The film deals with sexual organs, masturbation, wet dreams, and other male issues. The coach is the authority figure and teacher. Footage shows boys competing at various sports, inside locker room, and then boys go inside and coach teaches them about sex. As Boys Grow shows sex education for boys as a team effort supervised by a fatherly coach figure. The gym was safe territory for sexual discussions and the coach a noncontroversial facilitator. And the boys seem to speak very openly: Say, you know something? No, what? I had a wet dream last night. Wet dream? What's that? Oh, you know, when sperm comes out of your penis. Sperm? Yeah. Sort of a sticky stuff.... The gym is a safer place for sexual discussion than within the family. One boy, in fact, says his father never says much about anything relating to sex. As Boys Grow also differs from other sex ed films (and most strongly from those directed at girls) by admitting specifically that sex is linked with pleasure. It speaks explicitly of sexual excitement, of erections and the hard penis and addresses male masturbation. Coach states Sometimes you hear that masturbation affects your mind or your manhood. It isn't true. For kids your age, it's just...something normal. Two of the boys ask two girls out on a swimming date. Standing on the dock, one boy pushes a girl into the water. The second girl pushes the boy in after the first girl, stands triumphantly on the dock for just a moment, and then jumps in herself.

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