Global Warming Inland Empire/ drip irigation California

2015 - Irrigation in California (matching photos are available) This is the Inland empire of California all basked in a golden light. This agricultural area is rich in seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Views of orchards with California peaches and pears, avocados plants all watered with drip irrigation techniques seen. Beautiful views of green fields, all irrigated through drip irrigation featured in this reel. New towns are springing up in the desert many watered by the Central Arizona Project (CAP). 00:00:00 - views of a field of fruit trees planted in desert showing irrigation lines feeding them. - close ups and wide shots. Tractor in the fields. Various close ups of the fruit on the trees (oranges, nuts, ) 00:04:40 - road sign pointing to Los Angeles South and Bishop North - wind farm seen in background 00:04:55 - McDonalds golden arches sign with wind farm in background at roadside stop Family Dollar store 00:05:45 - Views of the longest fresh water canal in the world running from Phoenix, Arizona and ending in Barstow, California which runs along interstate 40. Footage shows views of parched landscapes in a dry environment. Wide vistas of landscape with mountains in distance. American oasis dot the landscapes. 00:06:26 - views of Fantasy Springs Casino in Palm Springs and sign for Motel 6. 00:06:44 - Views of various trucks on interstate transporting/ hauling merchandise Great shot of a Chevron gas station at night (well lit) next to a McDonalds, night views of downtown Phoenix 00:07:57 great shots of a nuclear plant in desert lit up against the night sky 00:08:00 - beauty time lapse shot of golden colored moon rising into the night sky. 00:08:17 - day shots of Phoenix, Arizona - Freeport-McMoran and Alliance Bank buildings seen as a jet flies overhead. Day shots of Phoenix suburbs - great shots of houses and streets lined with palm trees. Parked postal truck. 00:09:10 - shots of railroad cars and a sign for interstate 40 pointing to Winslow 00:10:00 - golden hour sunset light bathes a group of auto care shops and restaurants ( a Pizza Hut) tucked into the hillside of the desert 00:10:09 - more night shots of nuclear plant all lit up, night shots of traffic along freeway with only headlights of moving vehicles seen

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