Pop Culture and Teenagers Gang Boy

MUSIC NOT LICENSABLE A Chicano man likes a stick of dynamite and throws it at a palm tree. They run away "Let's get outta here" and jump into their convertible and drive off. One of the boy's says "We'll get em tonight!" The police meet in the morning meeting to discuss the gang war that is going to happen. They discuss the amount of weapons they have. Go shots of policemen - individual shots and ws of group of police. shots of orange orchard and men picking oranges. A police lieutenant visits Danny (who’s picking oranges) – a leader of one of the gangs and asks him to make a truce. Danny goes up to the dam to think about it and thinks back to when he became “Gang Boy.” Good shots of guy sitting on rocks and looking out over water. We see his early childhood- children at the playground -playing baseball. Young boys getting into a fist fight and man breaks up the fight. Kids playing hide and seek in junkyard. shots of kids walking between old cars or hiding inside cars. Kids reading comic books in store. Kids in toy store playing with toys. Kid looking at jewelry, distracting owner and stealing from the store. Kids running to secret hideout in abandoned shack. Young Kids joining gang by getting tatooed. Good shot of oncoming train. Kids play chicken with a passing train, and then go to the dam to jump into the water from cliff. Danny dares his friends to do it and one of them falls and dies. Shots of kid watching as they look for his body. Altar boys file into church with priest, see church service, priest blessing wine cup, good church scenes. People in pews Danny grows up to be a teenage gang leader whose gang is rivals with the Chili Peppers (a white gang). Kids hanging out and drinking, playing cards. Boy holding weapon ofbicycle chains. Shot of guy with woman , getting her a soda, in back of car. Guys decorating hall for a dance..see decorations being put up. There are lots of shots with the two gangs hassling each other and finally an all out war between the two ensues. Good shots on main street usa, cars on main street, train crossing, car races train , kids in pool hall. two gangs confront each other. young Chicano boy eating an apple. the two gangs meet to decide a truce The Lieutenant goes to Danny who says he will agree to the truce if he agrees to help a young child from having to face the angry world that Danny did. The two gangs are brought together to discuss the issues they have with each other and make sure there is no violence at the dance. Chuck, the leader of the Chili Peppers, agrees to go to the dance to keep his gang members from starting trouble. The two gangs begin to work together for positive change. shots of couples dancing, cu feet dancing to jazzy music. good cu of young Chicano boy., group of boys building ball park, shots of boys playing baseball, crowds cheer, boys distributing bags of food to needy. Great shots of 1950’s Southern California including: Main street with a traffic cop; Orange Grove with migrant workers, great shots of cars from that era. Great shots of gang warfare from the 1950’s. Shots of Mexican American families from the 1950’s. Shots of cloths, hairstyles, etc.

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