Europe At Your Window

Europe At Your Window. A tour on a Swedish Bus Lines bus throughout Europe. 1950s, Europe, Sweden, fishing village, harbor, man and woman walking along harbor, man taking photograph of fishing net as woman points, Helsingborg, man and woman walking on street, man and woman looking at travel agency window and talking, Swedish Bus Lines, passengers boarding bus with hostess greeting them at door, baggage handler loading crate of drinks into bus, bus drivers, bus driving onto ferry, ferry crossing ?resund, Oresund, Denmark bus driving on highway, Copenhagen, passengers disembarking bus, man and woman renting bicycles, man and woman riding bicycles through city, old fish market, Amalienborg Royal Palace, B?rsen, Borsen, Copenhagen Stock Exchange, woman on bicycle feeding sugar to horse, couple riding bicycles on street and on Langelinie promenade, Little Mermaid Statue, harbor, bicyclists on busy Copenhagen street, Tivoli Gardens, Ferris Wheel, Tivoli Boys Guard, Pantomime Theater, couple dining at outdoor restaurant, Moorish Palace illuminated at night, fireworks, smiling couple watching fireworks, bus driving on road, seaside diary farm, car POV driving on tree lined street, Aabenraa cityscape, Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, bus driving through medieval city, bus driving on street in war-ravaged Hamburg, bus driving on autobahn, Netherlands, passengers disembarking bus, couple running into hotel swimming pool with wave machine, couple dining at restaurant table clinking glasses together and drinking, hostess serving drinks to bus passengers, female and male passengers drinking and looking out bus window, Rotterdam, couple walking on sidewalk while man walks in front carrying suitcases, Kinderdijk, couple walking near windmills, Delft, couple walking on pedestrian bridge and talking photograph, couple taking canal boat tour, Oude Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk, carousel, merry go round, smiling couple seated in bus, Holland / Belgium frontier, bus departing frontier, Brussels, Grand Place, flower market, couple buying flowers from stall, couple looking at lace fans in window display, man surprising woman with lace fan, Northern France field, Paris, Arc de Triomphe, passengers disembarking bus on Champs-

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