Global Warming Drought in California Central (and Post fires)

9/1/2015 - Drought in California (matching photos are available) . 00:00:00 - Footage shows beauty shots of the mountains with some trees. Shots of the freeway with traffic and freight train alongside. 00:00:50 - Billboard "Extreme Drought - Use Outdoor Equipment Safely' 00:00: 55 - abandoned houses by the freeway #40 which runs from California all the way to Arizona through the Tehachapi mountains which have the most wind farms. The Tehachapi mountains are located between Bakersfield and Mojave in Kern county. This area is known for the nearby Tehachapi Loop from where going eastwards to the the Joshua Tree National Park. 00:02:00 - Footage of of drought on the side of the freeway #58 and more local dusty roads going to the oasis of Twenty Nine Palms and Joshua Tree and along the south Pacific railroad tracks. Good close up and pull out to wide vistas of desert with mountains in background. 00:03:14 - good shot of birds circling overhead with mountains in background. They land on roof of anbandoned house. More beauty shots of mountains and desert. Mountains bathed in golden light of sunset 00:04:05 - Road sign reads "jct. 203 Mammoth Lakes 15 miles and Jct. 18 June Lake 30 miles Reno 179 miles" 00:04:40 - night shots - hills in silhouette - moon in sky. Good shots of setting sun Footage of Lake Mono - a large, shallow saline lake in Mono County, California, near the town of Lee Vining. The lake level, has decreased tremendously in the last 20 years partly due to Los Angeles diverting water from the lake in the 60's, 70's and 80's and by the most recent drought. 00:05:00 - morning - views of abandoned homes and desert.. close up of flies crawling on desert floor more beauty shots of mountains. Good shots of foliage in foreground with mountains in background 00:06:30 - shot of daisies blooming, wheat fields, cattle, dry mountains in background. Windmill seen. Cars on freeway. Water tank seen which says "Gateway to the Eastern Sierra" medium and close up shots 00:07:58 - sign on side of road "Wildfire is Coming. Is Your Home Ready" 00:08:55 - beauty shot of bright sun low in horizon - Views of oil derricks rising upwards in the golden California sunset. Time lapse of California sunset. 00:09:30 - empty gas station at night, trucks filling up. More abandoned homes. Sign "High Speed internet for all mankind" next to what appear to be abandoned mail boxes and homes. More shots of barren mountains and dry desert land. 00:10:00 - sign for Fantasy Springs community. Sign for Patio Drive In Burgers (seems abandoned), Road signs pointing to San Andreas one way, Mountain Ranch another. 00:11:00 - footage showing the impact of the wild fires which struck communities of the Mountain Range area in September 2015 near the town of San Andreas in the San Bernardino mountains. Images of burned cars and fire trucks. 00:11:19 - helicopter flies overhead carrying water bag. Views of abandoned burned town - sign says "God Bless the Fire Fighters" 00:13:00 - end

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